Glaze cousins arrested in Hardin Co. shooting

Curtis Dewayne Glaze (left) and Joshua James Glaze

Police have arrested and arraigned two Hardin County men in the shooting death of 18-year-old Brian Wayne Drake Jr,. who was pronounced dead at the scene Wednesday, Nov. 14, on a back road in northeast Sour Lake.

Drake, of Lumberton, was in his first year at Lamar University as an engineering student.

Cpt. Gary Spears, an investigator with the Hardin County Sheriff's Office, said a preliminary investigation revealed Drake tried to flee his assailants, 26-year-old Joshua James Glaze and 22-year-old Curtis Dewayne Glaze, on Glaze Road in Sour Lake. 

When the two caught up to Drake in their white Dodge Durango, shots were fired.  "They tried to block him in on Glaze Road," Spears said. "When he went went around them and wouldn't stop, they pursued him down Glaze to Highway 326," where Drake was later found dead.  "I haven't been able to get a real firm motive," Spears said of the investigation. "There was really no altercation until that point."  Spears said Drake was likely killed instantly in the attack.  "It was a gunshot wound to the back of the head," he said.  According to the Hardin Country District Attorney's office, the Glaze cousins could be in front of a grand jury as early as mid December.