Greyhound hitting the road, leaving Beaumont

Greyhound hitting the road, leaving Beaumont

The Greyhound Bus Station and its iconic sign will soon vanish from Beaumont, and the building that has housed the transportation facility for decades will be sold, a spokesperson for the company has confirmed.

Greyhound will officially close its doors and relocate operations Tuesday, March 27 – going from Beaumont to the Gateway Travel Plaza at 1480 West Freeway (Interstate 10) in Vidor. The reasons given for the move centered primarily around comfort for travelers, said Tim Stokes, Greyhound spokesperson.

“The main reason for the move is that they believe the location is better for passengers,” Stokes said. “They will be free from waiting outside, and there is food service available at the new location. There are a lot of things that passengers didn’t have (at the current location).

“There is also easy connectivity to the highway and, in essence, this is a benefit for our passengers.”

Stokes said Greyhound evaluates its routes and schedules each year, but it is unlikely the service will return to its current location as the company intends to sell the property on Magnolia Avenue.

According to the Jefferson County Appraisal District, the Greyhound station at 650 Magnolia is valued at $111,000.

“We do own the facility, and it will be placed on the market for sale once we vacate the area,” Stokes said.

In a press release, Greyhound’s area sales manager Robert Hawkins stated, “With this move, we believe the location will provide passengers with a more convenient and accommodating travel option. From this agency, passengers have easier access to Greyhound’s services and can connect to the company’s 3,800 locations throughout North America.”

Beaumont City Manager Kyle Hayes said he had heard rumors that Greyhound was leaving the city for some time, but no one from the company had ever contacted him or indicated they had concerns.

“The city has never really interacted with Greyhound, so I don’t know how many riders they have at that location or what the impact will be,” Hayes said. “There has been no contact between the city and Greyhound, now or in the past that I am aware of; I know I have never had any meetings with anyone from Greyhound. And if they ever had contact with any of the council members, it was not passed along to my office.

“I had heard a rumor six months or so ago, I guess, that they were moving, but we weren’t contacted.”

According to police reports, crime has been an issue at the current location with vagrancy, numerous assaults, robberies and thefts over the years.

Additionally, the Greyhound location at the Chevron gas station (across from the Flying J Truck Stop) at Highway 62 and Interstate 10 in Orange is being closed. That location is being consolidated with the location in Vidor.