Guardian Angel owner far from angelic

Guardian Angel owner far from angelic

The man behind Guardian Angel Service Dogs has had his share of legal problems in his home state of Virginia, and a barrage of comments online raised questions about his organization following the publication of a story last week.

Dan Warren, president of both Warren Enterprises LLC and Guardian Angel Service Dogs, did not respond to several messages left for him regarding information that he was found guilty on seven charges of “uttering” and seven charges of “false statement to obtain credit. Warren, whose name is actually Charles Daniel Warren Jr., was sentenced to 35 years in prison on the uttering charges and 84 months in jail on the false statement charges in the Chesterfield County Circuit Court on April 17, 2008.

The charges stemmed from Oct. 1, 2005, through Aug. 30, 2006, according to the sentencing order provided by the Chesterfield Circuit Court. Uttering, as described in Virginia law, means to pass a forged document knowing that the document is forged. Uttering is considered a Class 5 felony in Virginia and is punishable by up to 10 years in prison and a $25,000 fine.

Warren was able to get his entire sentence suspended and was granted supervised probation.

According to a person familiar with the case, Warren was working as a finance manager at Whitten Brothers, a car dealership in Richmond, Va. As finance manager, Warren was forging documents of potential customers who did not have the income necessary to qualify for car loans. Warren ultimately falsified documents to indicate the customers did qualify for the loans.

It wasn’t until an angered customer “blew the whistle” on the scheme that Warren was arrested and charged.

Despite not commenting or returning messages left for comment as it pertains to information discovered by The Examiner, Warren has left messages for clients on his Facebook page as well as issuing a press release stating his “regret” for the misunderstanding regarding the fundraising done by Ryan and Tara McLeod. Their son, Racer, 3, has Type 1 diabetes, which is also referred to as juvenile diabetes.

The McLeods sought a declaratory judgment two weeks ago in Jefferson County asking to sever ties with Guardian Angel Service Dogs after Warren sent a letter through his attorney, John Anderson, asking for all the money the McLeods raised at their fundraiser in February. The family paid $20,000 for the dog, referred to as a Diabetic Alert Dog, which is supposed to be able to sense changes in a person’s blood sugar. They raised more than $60,000 and the excess funds were put into a separate account to go toward Racer’s medical bills.

Anderson, when reached by The Examiner, declined to comment on the filing because he had not seen it yet and was not aware of such a move until he read about it last week on The Examiner’s Web site.

Warren stated in his press release on his Guardian Angel Web site that, “While time and space do not permit the correction of all of the misstatements” in The Examiner article written last Thursday, July 12, “Guardian Angel Service Dogs Inc. wants to make it very clear that Warren Enterprises LLC is not affiliated with Guardian Angel in any manner and does not ‘own’ Guardian Angel.”

And while Warren Enterprises LLC might not “own” Guardian Angel Service Dogs, a Charles Warren Jr. is listed as the owner of Warren Enterprises LLC, which coincidentally has the same physical address as Warren Retrievers, 15216 Rockford Road in Montpelier, Va. Warren also uses P.O. Boxes in Orange, Va., and Montpelier as contact information on his Web sites as well.

The house at 15216 Rockford, which according to Hanover County property tax records is owned by a Charles (not Charles Jr.) and Marianne Warren, sits on 11 acres, has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, 4,596 square feet, and is for sale. It’s currently listed at $549,500.

On the Warren Retrievers Web site, it mentions that Guardian Angel Service Dogs is “a fully incorporated 501(c)3 organization and is the philanthropic arm of Warren Retrievers and Diabetic Alert Dogs by Warren Retrievers.”

And according to the Internal Revenue Service, Guardian Angel Service Dogs, which was incorporated in October 2010 and granted tax exempt status in April 2011, has still not filed its 990 with the IRS after it was due May 15, 2012. The organization could be subject to penalties when they do submit their 990, a form nonprofits are required to submit each year to the IRS disclosing their financial information. The forms are available to the public.

Carol Borden, executive director of Guardian Angel Medical Alert Dogs, a service dog provider based in Florida, also has a beef with Warren over the use of the name Guardian Angel Service Dogs.

“He was a member of our Facebook group a couple years back and after I noticed he started his company using almost the same name, I kicked him out of the group,” Borden said. She wrote him a cease-and-desist letter last year to stop using the name but never heard back.

“We have nothing to do with them,” said Borden.

‘It’s not going to be adequate’

Dr. Larry Myers, a canine scent expert and professor at the University of Auburn, has more than 30 years of experience studying dogs’ scent detection abilities and is skeptical of dogs being able to sense changes in a person’s blood sugar — period.

“It’s plausible,” said Myers of a dog being able to detect blood sugar changes, “if they’re trained properly. Two years of training, sure, but it’s the continual training that’s also necessary.”

Most dog trainers prefer one to two years of training by a certified dog trainer before a dog is ready to be placed with a diabetic. While there’s still no guarantee the dog and the person will work together, in most cases, the dog at 2 years old is much better prepared to scent detect than a dog that is dropped off with a family at 3 months old, as is the case with dogs from Guardian Angel Service Dogs. Guardian Angel sends the dog to the family or person at 3 months old and a pair of trainers spend a week with the family and the dog, training the dog and teaching the family how to train the dog.The trainers then return for two days every 90 days for the next two years.

“I’ve seen that done before,” said Myers, “and in a case like that, it’s not going to be adequate. I doubt it seriously. The fact isn’t proving whether or not they’re trained; it’s are they reliable, which most dog trainers don’t know how to test.”

Myers said there’s plenty of ways to train a dog, and he’s even seen a situation in Missouri where a company, Heaven Scent Paws, was involved in a similar dispute over fundraising and training, or lack thereof. The company ultimately went bankrupt after it was ordered to pay $200,000 back when the Missouri Attorney General filed charges against the company for essentially scamming customers with dogs that couldn’t alert.

“What is the reliability of these dogs?” asked Myers. “How often do they false alert? How often do they say there’s a problem when there is no problem? How often do they say there’s no problem, but there is?”

Susan Milhollon and Mary McNeight are both well-versed in training and working with diabetic alert dogs. Milhollon suffers from diabetes and is the executive director of Dogs 4 Diabetics, based out of California. McNeight, who suffers from hypoglycemia but is not a full-blown diabetic, has a diabetic alert dog, or DAD, and trains them, as well, in Seattle, Wash. She can be found at

Both women prefer training dogs for up to two years before giving them to a family, and McNeight said she has each of her potential clients go through a rigorous questionnaire detailing what goes into training and keeping a DAD. Milhollon said her organization also has a strict set of guidelines and procedures before its clients can own a DAD.

Ready to be over

Ryan McLeod said he understands there was training that needed to be done when his family received Gunner, but he was also told that his dog was going to alert, which the dog really hasn’t done in the two months he’s been with the McLeods.

McLeod said he’s received plenty of positive feedback since last week, and he understands the brush-back from some of the Guardian Angel supporters, as well. He and his wife continue to work with the dog but are growing frustrated and simply want to end this situation with Guardian Angel and move on.“We’re not doing this to sue them and ask for a bunch of money,” said McLeod. “We have enough stress as it is; we just want to cut ties.”

Fred Davis can be reached at (409) 832-1400, ext. 227, or by e-mail at fred [at] theexaminer [dot] com.



I'm not a HYPOCRITE.!!!!

speak for yourself....

No more posting!! The best

No more posting!! The best way to stop gossip and rumors is to ignore them. GASD family, the only reason this story came out is because the flame has gone out on the other one. The comments on this article are more than it deserves. It will only bring the attention we allow it to. You will see that when we ignore this article how quickly it dies down. Those who want to bash GASD will find they are arguing with themselves. Don't fuel the fire. There are more supporters than bashers but if we allow this to fuel our rage, we give these self trainers the satisfaction of thinking they are right and they will continue with this nonsense. Out of respect for GASD, let this one go. It is obviously another attempt to start chaos among the DAD community. GASD family, let's put an end to this.
Should you want to know something, go directly to the person who is being attacked here.
People who spread rumors are like walking infections. The lying words from their mouths spread like disease from person to person. The only way to stop the disease is to keep your mouth shut.
Rumors are transmitted because they are surprising, funny, or shocking, and the teller wishes to entertain the listeners. Similar to the telling of a joke, the passing of a rumor provides entertainment and prestige. That is why urban legends last so long: they are savoured at the end of a meal, or in a bar while sipping on an after-dinner drink; they provide a certain momentary pleasure in consuming.

Hi Dan

Nice try but you can not hide behind anonymous either.

Your family?

With all terrible information that has been revealed about Dan Warren, you still call him your family? I'd be horrified if a member of my family was a fraud-commiting scam artist.


Did you not read the FACTS? That's the difference between what's true and what's actually real, the FACTS. The research being done to prove these so called rumors to be nothing but 100% true. These are not some tiny little "she cheated on her husband" rumors, these are people PROVING this fraud is breaking the law time & time again. You'd think you'd want the truth about what you're supporting, but you like everyone else supporting this fraud, turn your back on the TRUTH and call them rumors. Does someone have to shove the actual truth down your throat before you see what is true to be true? Or will you continue to turn a blind eye and continue to let this person scam thousands of families time & time again. It's pretty disgusting, you must be more than a supporter, you must be working for the man. Wonder who signs your paycheck. I hope when all of this is said & done, more than just him goes down, I hope he takes all of you with him.

Nice try Dan... you're skeletons are falling out of your closet

...not only are the skeletons falling out but now some of your 'followers' are growing what they need to stand up against you and your companies! Not to mention the people that were thinking you had some kind of magic remedy for their loved one.. now can go get a dog, scent train it and hire the best professional service dog trainer and still save well over $15,000!!!
Hopefully you're game & fame are coming to a halt and people are seeing you for who you are. ~a crook!
One less of your followers.. who now regrets voting for you to win a car.

When we donated money we

When we donated money we donated it to the McLeods, not to GASD, Dan Warren or anyone else for that matter!!! Thats the bottom line, people donated to help the McLeods reach their goal to get Racer the dog, and help with whatever else they needed to be helped with.

self trainers

What is the argument about being a self trainer. Everyone who gets a high priced dog is a self trainer. You get a pup that needs about as much training as a pound puppy. Lets see if i love my child by spending twenty grand or seventy five dollars and doing all the same training. I'LL save $19,925 up front and put it in a college fund.

The one place that does it is

The one place that does it is Service Dog Academy in Seattle. I am a satisfied customer of theirs, and I don't work for them.

My dog, Cooper is on Facebook.

Or have a fund raiser like

Or have a fund raiser like the McLeods and steal it!!

Nailed it!

I don't know who you are Anonymous but I agree 100%. Get a scent-imprinted puppy, hire a private trainer, save a ton of money and put it towards medical bills or a college fund. Or towards the next dog. Most service dogs work for about 10 years so another one will be needed.

Self Trainers

It's is funny how all this started with the McLeod family...they raised above and beyond the amount needed for the dog. What they did with that money was their own doing. I guess they don't have common sense, oh yes, but they had bills to pay and other things they wanted. I have bills, but that money wasn't mine. It is in my son's account at GASD to be used for him or to help another family. The self trainers are doing everything they can so that they can get dogs from pound and sell them as service dogs. The McLeod's should be ashamed of themselves. They are hurting other children that need these dogs. And funny how Gunner wasn't or hasn't alerted since the dog got there. Look on post's and face book comments on how the dog has been doing his job since he did. You people are so pathetic. I hope you all don't teach your children to lie or to steal. Commit theft by deception or fraud. And what happened in his past is so irrelevant. What he is doing now is what counts. Dan is all about helping people. And that is what counts. How many family are you guys going to destroy now. How many lives will be lost because of what you are all doing. I hope you all can sleep at night. Yes, you can now that you have Gunner. But what about our kids? Karma does come around.

If Dan offers you Kool-Aid

Don't drink it!

Dan is a Fraud

Get real! Dan is nothing about helping people. He is about helping himself. He has a history of fraud. Big-time fraud.

He sells his own puppies for $20,000 and calls them Service Dogs when they in no way meet the Federal criteria of "Service Dog". They are untrained and puppies.

Dan jeopardizes each and every client by telling them the puppy will alert to Diabetic Hypoglycemia, when this is not true one iota.

I applaud the McLeod family for recognizing the scam they were conned into buying and standing up saying they were deceived.

This is protecting numerous kids and adults from death.

AMEN Roxanne!!!

a HUGE lawsuit is coming his way!!!! I will sit back with a smile and WATCH!
Someone needs to get this fraudulent "organization" and it's owner to Toyota.. he just won a new car... like he needs one...!


Toyota has been notified already. An e-mail will be sent to corporate as well.

That's what happens when you don't keep up with the IRS and continue to screw people.


A *REAL* non profit needs to win!!!
Look at all the Warren 'followers' try to shut this thing up.. or point to all the self-trainers out there.... it's like they are all scrambling so he can keep his car AND his scam running!!! I guess I'd be ashamed also if I begged everyone I know for $20,000 that the 'owner' ended up to be a scam artist.. kinda smells like Jim and Tammy Fae Bakker scandal from 1984 to 1987.


It took a lot of courage for the McLeods to stand up to this man. They are honest, hardworking people. You don't know them but hundreds of us who have grown up with them do. Yes, some families who have been conned by this man will suffer as the McLeods have (along with many other families who are afraid to speak up) but isn't it better to stop him now rather than after he has taken money from more families who are desperate to help their children? Open your heart to the possibility that the McLeods are doing the right thing. Throughout history whistleblowers have been condemned by few but respected by many.


A newspaper that did some deep investigation to get real facts with proof. Thanks for showing people the real Charles Daniel Warren Jr.

Oh, and most people I know who run non-profits live in small apartments because they barely get paid. Unless their family has money or they are misappropriating funds.

Get a Soul....well said.

Get a Soul....well said.

Enough Already!

All of this mudslinging is sickening. Why is it that one unhappy GASD family can't just stop already. Its so simple...if you raise money over and beyond what is called for by using a non profit organization name and tax id number then the money goes to that organization. Our fundraisers went over and beyond and I was unable to make a profit as a result. The money is being held in an account for our service dogs needs later on as needed. Not for new cars or tv's or even medical expenses for my type 1 daughter. This family is unhappy because the extra funds have been spent. Now, they are trying to take the heat and media attention off of themselves by using the media to dig up dirt on GASD and its owner. What he did or didn't do years ago is really irrelevant to me. What he is doing now by breeding quality dogs who have proven time and time and time again that they have the ability to detect hi and low blood sugars AND hires trainers who are qualified and caring enough to help us parents to continue with the training to ensure we have the best service dog we can get. It's really no different than having homework given to us...things we can work on until the next homevisit from the trainer. Meanwhile a trainer is only a call, email, text, or skype chat away to help problem solve and help us along the way. I've never felt like we had a puppy dumped off on our doorstep and abandoned by GASD. Quite the opposite. We, as families, feel like we matter, like GASD and Mr. Warren care about us and our type 1 loved ones, and that the organizaation is here for us for the duration. I just wish all of this would stop so both sides can get back to their lives.


Tracy, what you have done is mudslinging by stating the money the McCleod's raised was used for "new cars or tvs". Show me your facts. This reporter obviously stated public FACTS that are substantiated by documents. I fully believe this family has all of their ducks (or dollars) in a row or they would not have publicly opened themselves up for this. The successful fundraiser and the support of the community during this stressful time should show you what compassion is all about.

Dan is a scammer!!!

He played on my families emotions, told us that he was a type 1, he is not. When we ask for a copy of the contract, they told us that they normally didnt provide that until they showed up with the trainer and puppy. I insisted so it was Guardian Angels organization that sent me a 20 page "Promisory Note" stating that I would agree to pay 750.00 a month for the next 2 years,so I started checking Dan out on FB and on the internet questionning some of his clients about the contract, ect.. I couldnt beleive that all the ones (5) of them that I spoke with didnt even read the contract they were so swept away with Dan and his charasmatic ways and this adorable pup that was at the doorstep being presented to a child and their desperate parents.
Dan got extremely defensive when we questionned his antics which immediately told us that he was obviously trying to hide something,
so with a 20k price tag attached to his deal, we backed out and found a different trainer who has done nothing less than fantastic with my son and his DAD.

I went to a workshop were one of Dans dogs was and the dog was so agressive the owner was aked to leave the session with the dog.
I feel for the families that have been taken advantage of by this man!! Im sure a few good pups made it through the system and those owners are happy with that- but why pay 20k for a puppy when you can get one for a fraction from reputible organizations?

They didn't use Guardian

They didn't use Guardian Angel's tax ID number, and the money was set aside for the child's future medical care, not to purchase luxury items, which is doubtless what the Warrens do with it since they are charging $20,000 for a dog the new owners have to train themselves.

Assuming, and I don't believe it for a minute, but assuming they trained each of these puppies for 8 hours a day from weaning and eight hours a day with each visit, they're making $78 per hour for their efforts.

Given that a wee puppy can't concentrate enough to train for more than 2 hours a day in short increments, it's actually more like $300 per hour. That's outrageous.

GASD is raking in money hand over fist, selling unregistered dogs with around 60 hours of training advice to the owners who do the actual training themselves. Real service dog programs that sell dogs at cost sell fully trained dogs for $20,000, not for dogs the owners have to train themselves.

There is No Mud-Slinging Here

There has been not one bit of mud-slinging in any of the articles or the commentary. (Unless one considers the accusations from the GASD supporters toward non-supporters)

The facts stand, and are more than supported by research, records and scholarly commentary. Which exceeds anything the GASD's supporters or the owner of GASD have written.

No mud slinging? Look at the

No mud slinging? Look at the comment a few above yours... stating Dan is not really a Type 1... If that is trur... where are the facts? If there are no facts.. then I would call that mudslinging...

Your account with Warren

Possibly you should ask to see proof of your account and how much iis currently in there and how you can monitor that account in the future.

I get a statement emailed to

I get a statement emailed to me anytime I ask. It has pretty much been monthly..... and his figures all match mine 100%.


I appreciate the follow up article. I think the reporter did a fine job stating the facts. He validates many issues by listing his sources in each section. I think Mr. Warren's past is very crucial in this instance. His statements are a clear indicator he is being deceptive. The more you talk the deeper hole you dig. Keep talking Mr. Warren.

Great Investigative Reporting

I agree with you the expose' was tremendously eye-opening and validating of people's beliefs that Warren Retrievers and GASD are ripping people off by selling them ocean front property in Arizona!

This guy is a complete fraud.

This guy is a complete fraud. So he has a non-profit organization that uses his for profit company to obtain the dogs. In the end he is making a huge profit on the service dogs. How do you even justify charging $20,000 for a 5 month old puppy. There is no way the cost of raising that dog and training it up until that point cost anywhere near $20,000. Looks like a pretty good profit to me. And then there is the issue that trainer after trainer keeps bringing up. These dogs are not really trained until they are 2 years old yet he is placing them in homes when they are only a few months old and expecting the new owners to finish training them. They are not qualified to do this. It is disgusting to know that Mr. Warren would take advantage of people that are only looking for a way to protect their children. Many prayers for the McLeods that this will all be over soon!


Shame on you for putting a price tag on your child. Shame on you. Real loving parents know that your child doesn't have a price tag. All you ever hear you people saying is how much the dogs cost. The value isn't the price. It's the lives that they save. So get real already, learn your facts. Especially about the price of your own child, there isn't any. Because mine is PRICELESS...


Really? Am I really putting a price tag on my child for owner training a DAD for him. Gee I thought I was better providing for him by getting him a great tool to better his health and still being able to send him to college when he is of age. Not to mention not having to go and beg from friends and family for for money for an animal that may or may not work. I'll spend $75.00 for a pound puppy and put in the similar training time and put the remaining $19,925.00 in a college fund. Thanks.

Dear Anonymous

Why are anonymous? And how dare you say shame on me. I never put a price tag on a child. I have 3 of my own children and I too would do anything it takes to keep them safe and well. But are you saying that gives Mr. Warren the right to charge whatever he wants for these dogs? My point is he is making a profit off of these dogs. If you are a true non-profit then you are not going to be so outrageous in what you are charging people in comparison for what they are getting.

No Life Saving Anything from GSADs

The puppies are not life savers! They can't even determine where and when to pee! The purchasers of any of the GSADs are merely seeking a Lassie to be their champion and hero and totally disregard the parental responsibility of keeping a diabetic child safe from dying from hypoglycemia.

That is not the responsibility of a dog - especially a puppy! Each parent who relies on a DAD or a GASD pup to detect hypoglycemia in their child should be charged with Child Endangerment and Child Neglect.


You go Roxann! Why pay someone so much money when you do so much of the training yourself? Pay $2000 for a scent imprinted puppy from a breeder and hire a private trainer. Or go pay $12,000 for a fully-trained dog.

I'd post links but Dan would probably try to sue me for taking clients away. But he has more important stuff on his plate right now!


Maybe Dan should have been a poliction. The writer is stating facts. The other people are doing the bashing...


The facts are the facts, Anonymous!


super sick of the mudslinging...falsifications...everything. if you just want it to be over, then let it be over. let the courts decide! Honestly, who cares about previous convictions? non-profit laws? google experts? who cares about any of this...if people choose to self train, they choose self train. if people choose GASD, they choose GASD. Sick of the bickering, sick of witnessing TRYING to dig up dirt...oh I cannot say it enough...sick of it!!!!!! I am sure I am not the only one sick of it. I see people dragging in more names, more details that haven't really proven much...really it is neither here nor there. What you say here or on previous posts will not change a judge's mind...and probably won't change many supporters on either side's minds. As for crappy reporting, I can say I have found it to be just that. This story has been drawn out and over-used in my opinion...go back to writing about sports, something people actually might enjoy.

Because they, the self

Because they, the self trainers are trying to close down all organizations, so that they can make money from everyone. Then they will say, you have to become a self trainer. It's all about money for them, not about saving lives. The self trainers that is. They are really pathetic. Let's dig up some dirt on them that is happening now. What about a certain self trainer seen in a video with their dog pushing him away from the table in a mean and harsh manner, and the daughter saying to the dog. (after it did what it was suppose to do) BAD DOG, BAD DOG) and that certain someone not saying anything to their daughter? And then pushing the dog away from the table more than once in a mean manner. And that is okay? That is not how GASD are treated. They are treated with a lot of love. Unlike what you all teach.

GASD Only treated with love?

In this video a GASD is hit with a lunch pail after 'alerting' while the kid was a school. Notice how the dog has no interest in the kid when he comes home until the mother directs him to:

In this video not only is the dog wearing a prong collar in the morning (so presumably all the time) but the kid shoves it's head down onto the bed:

So GASD dogs are only treated with love? So wearing a prong collar, a training tool, to bed is love? So it's not okay for a kid to push away a dog but it's okay for a kid to hit a dog with a lunch pail as long as it's called play? So it doesn't matter what the dog thinks about it, it's what us humans want to call it?

You should really take a step

You should really take a step back and look at yourself. Is attacking a sick 5 year old child who didn't like being licked by her puppy really doing you or this scam organization any favors? If you are a representative of the kind of people from this organization, no wonder so many people hate them!

Hey Anonymous who bashes owner trainers

Why are you hiding behind the name Anonymous? I put my name on my post. Someone else on the previous article even gave their e-mail address so people could contact her.

Maybe you are just mad that you paid $20,000 to a fraud-committing scam artist and the owner-trainers didn't fall for Dan's scheme? Tsk-tsk, should have done more research.

Oh, and did I say anything about Wild Rose or any other program by name? No. This article is about the deceiving con artist that is Dan Warren.


Self trainers don't make any money from self training. How exactly are they making money by training their own dogs for their own personal use? They are not trying to shut down organizations, just the bad ones. There are numerous reputable organizations that self trainers recommend, like Wild Rose Kennels, Dogs 4 Diabetics, Canine Hope For Diabetics, and Pawsibilities. There aren't any self trainers having issues with those organizations---only the one that charges $20,000 for puppies that are not service dogs! They also do not recommend self training for everyone or tell people that they must self train...self training is NOT suitable for everyone. They just try to steer people to the organizations that are credible. "It's all about money for self trainers", who don't make a dime, but it's not for Dan, who charges ten times what every other organization charges for the same thing, has been convicted of financial fraud already, tries to take $40,000 he's not entitled to from a sick kid and refuses to make his financial statements public in accordance with the law? WHO is it that's just out for money?

GASD treated with a lot of love? Is that why they have prong collars pinching their necks at 8 weeks old? Or how about having the dogs drink urine or lick blood? That's 'loving'?

The dog in that video LICKED the child. That is not what he's supposed to do, as the child hates being licked. The dog was a 6 month old puppy at the time, should he have been permitted to jump on the table? Do you allow your dog to jump on the table? There was no 'mean and harsh' manner, the dog was blocked from jumping on the table in a VERY early stage of his training.

You are an idiot. You are

You are an idiot. You are self training them so you all can sell them. I have a friend from Wild Rose, funny thing is, they don't stay in contact with him, and he has been doing EVERYTHING HIMSELF, is that what you call THE GOOD ONES? Tries to take $40,000 from a sick kid that he isn't' entitled to? Really? So how do the parents receive that entitlement? They are using that money for their own financial gain, they should be ashamed of themselves, using their child's disease as a scape goat. Maybe they have played on it many times before this but haven't gotten caught yet. And the dog didn't jump on the table, it had it's paws on the table, doing what it was suppose to do to try to get attention. Well, we had our dog eat at the table with us, yes! He is family. So the poor child doesn't want to be licked, well then Marijane Gray shouldn't' have a dog then, all dogs lick. That child was being very mean to Fish and the video shows it. And we see where she gets that from her mother. But you can see that she isn't a good SELF TRAINER now is she? Goes to show you how you all self train. I wouldn't want a dog that you guys train. My child's life is worth something. And by the way, I hope you all don't treat your kids like that. The dog is a family member to us, not just a dog like you guys promote. Keep trying though. Don't worry, you should know out of the self trainers who your friends are???? lol Inside scoop we have! Oh, and really, get your fact straight. I talked to Dan this morning, from his home!!!!!

Who's the one bashing & mudslinging?

What are you smoking? "That child was being very mean to Fish", are we not watching the same video. You call a child not liking to be licked by a dog "being very mean"? WOW!!!
You don't like that the facts are coming out about this very shady man, so you attack a child and her mother? Disgusting, if you're apart of this organization, then I want nothing to do with it. I want big sponsors to see these comments, and I want them to back away as if you're all infected with a highly contagious incurable disease. You're all disgusting little people, who can't even stick to the topic of the article. Mudslinging? All the mudslinging is being done by you blind so called "supporters". FACTS DO NOT LIE! You just choose not to see them, call the reporting "bad", how is it bad? It's all spelled out for you, no sugar coating.

You don't know crap!

Owner-trainers train the dogs for themselves you idiot. Not for other people. That's why they are OWNER-TRAINERS not a program taking advantage of people. And whoever Marijane is, you people seem to really hate her. Maybe she has some inside information that Dan doesn't want his "family" to know. Either way, you seem to see her as a threat. Maybe because she trained a DAD herself and wasn't scammed into paying $20,000? Maybe she did research before going with the first Google hit when you type in Diabetic Alert Dog?

Some family you guys are. Bashing people who don't have dogs from GASD? Do you hate other programs that train DADs as well? I'd be really pissed if my family treated other people that way.

I am very involved in the

I am very involved in the service dog community and do not know a single self trainer that sells dogs.

And no, a dog is not supposed to put it's paws on the table to get attention. It is supposed to give a clear alert, which is what the dog in question has since been trained to do. With now a year of training behind him, Fish sits nicely and waves his paw to alert. A person shouldn't have a dog because their child doesn't like to be licked? Doensn't make a lot more sense to simply teach the dog not to lick the child? The child had a low blood sugar and as anyone with a diabetic in their life knows a low blood sugar will make someone moody and irritable. I know Marijane and have met her dog personally...she is a loving mom and an excellent trainer. Fish always alerts to low blood sugars, and alerts to them BEFORE they drop. Her daughter's A1c has gone from 10 to 8 since they have had him. That video was when he was a very young puppy with only 4 months of training behind him. He has been trained using positive reinforcement only and is now an exemplary service dog. A properly trained service dog should not be eating from the table, let alone putting it's paws on it.

AGAIN::: No self trainers, and especially not Marijane, are training dogs and selling them or in any way making money off self training.

It says a lot about your character that rather than accept that your Messiah is a criminal with a long history of financial fraud you'd rather tell lies about self trainers selling dogs and make a stink about a sick kid getting annoyed that her very young service dog in training licked her and attack a person that has nothing whatsoever to do with this article.

Back to the correct topic please!

This article is about Dan Warren, not owner-trainers. If you want to bash people, do it on WR's Facebook page as you have been doing. This is completely inappropriate. This article is about Dan Warren and the things he does to avoid following the law.

If you truly cared about your child's health, wouldn't you want to know about the fraud Dan Warren has committed before you send him $20,000 for a dog that you will rely on for your child's health?

Self trainers making money off people?

You really have no clue what owner-training a service dog is really like.

Owner-trainers do it to for themselves, to train their own service dog. Very few of them train for other people, they aren't out there to make money.

As for a child pushing a dog away, children will be children and puppies will be puppies. Puppies get into everything, children get annoyed, that's just how life is.

And if we want to bash people, how about GASD putting prong collars on 8 week old puppies? Talk about mean and harsh!