Guilty conscience?

Post from Calvin Walker's Facebook page before his arrest

Calvin Walker foretold his Tuesday, July 29, arrest pertaining to state charges of defrauding the Beaumont Independent School District on his Facebook page Sunday, July 26. In his social media site writings, Walker also laments The Examiner looking at invoices he submitted to the local school district for payment of taxpayer dollars in the hundreds of thousands.

While much of Walker's details relating to how The Examiner came to be in possession of the public information was false, he was correct in that staff has thoroughly reviewed the documents. More of what was in those documents can be seen in the Thursday, July 31, edition of The Examiner newspaper.



Calvin is correct.

Jennifer, as much as I like you and want to see Calvin brought to justice, he is correct on this one. People can dig all they want, but I would think he would be looking at more legal troubles if there was actually anything there.

Oh, wait...I just saw where he got indicted again and could be facing life in prison. My bad!!

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