Guilty plea in molestation of 9-year-old

Kyle Wayne Burris


A Hardin County man is behind bars after sexually molesting a young girl. 

Kyle Wayne Burris was indicted by a grand jury Jan. 31, 2013, and pleaded guilty Monday, June 24, to aggravated sexual assault of a child. He was sentenced to six months in jail, given 10 years probation and fined $1,000,

Apparently, Burris thought his plea deal would keep him out of prison, as he made an outburst in court after he was ordered handcuffed by Judge Layne Walker’s bailiff. 

“That wasn’t the deal here!” Burris pleaded. 

Bailiffs surrounded Burris and quickly secured him face down on Walker’s court podium. 

“You molest a fourth grader, you’re going to do some jail time,” Judge Walker said in Monday’s court. 

Prosecutor Perry Thomas said that the sexual assault occurred almost 10 years ago in 2004. According to an investigative summary obtained by The Examiner, the now 17-year-old victim said Burris molested her from the time she was 9 until she was 15 years old. 

“It is unusual,” Thomas said addressing the length of time it took for the victim to come forward. Nonetheless, Thomas said Burris’ guilty plea is proof justice has been served.

Burris must also register as a sex offender and wear a GPS tracking device upon his release.




Totally incorrect article.

This article is incorrect, the mother of the child accused him of inappropriately touching her daughter ten years ago. The girl does not recall or remember anything happening.

The mother is unstable and angry with her mother, the wife of Mr. Burris, and decided the best way to hurt her was to trump up charges against MY UNCLE who raised her.

This is why the charges took so long to go to court, due to very slim evidence (only the mother's testimony) and the fact that the lawyer and the prosecutor somehow convinced him to plead guilty to get the whole thing over with probation. This is also why only six months in prison were given.

The judge in question is currently under investigation for other reasons.

Never take the word of any media source for the facts. Investigate it yourselves.

Maybe you should take your

Maybe you should take your own advice and do the research. It was the victim, not the mother that pressed charges. The victim recalled many times that he touched her. She told a counselor during her basic training and they reported and she pressed charges. As for the mother, she had to talk to CPS because they did not understand how she could not know about this for years. She went through questioning showing she completely stable. The reason the charges took so long is that every process takes a long time. The mother did not testify, the victim did.

Yes this guy worked for

Yes this guy worked for Suncoast Resourses ! Have seen him several times on the road ! But this doesn't surprise me with Suncost , heard they do a lot of shady stuff !


I agree and the terminal manager at suncoast in beaumont is the ring leader

This is a terrible, terrible

This is a terrible, terrible situation. I am glad that he got caught! HOWEVER, this is not the employers fault. The employer is not to blame for the acts of one man. YES, the drivers and the office personnel are screened and given background checks prior to employment. YES, he was brought up on charges in January, he was not convicted until JUNE. However, IF he had been innocent, and gotten fired in January, then the employer would've been sued for wrongful termination. NO ONE in the office or who worked with this man knew ANYTHING about this. Perhaps the manager or people higher up did, BUT, THE OTHERS DID NOT!!! This destroyed numerous people, including the people who worked with this creep. DON"T BLAME the employer or the other employees for what HE did! I, like everyone else had hoped he would've gotten more time but this is up to a JUDGE!!! NOT THE EMPLOYER!!!

what about

Tx regulations say that a driver loses his right to have a hazmat endorsement when INDICTED/CONVICTED OF A CRIME like he was . So yes the management can be blamed b/c they knew. Would he still have had his job if he would have been arrested or indicted for dui. So if not terminated then how about suspension until further notice

hope he gets his in jail

He molested a 9 year old for 6 years until she was 15 and he gets only 6 months in jail that is not justice. Hopefully he wil get justice in prison.

he didn't only molest her,

he didn't only molest her, she was just the only one that came forward

I know where he worked

His place of employment knew about this and he continued to work there. There is no way they didn't know after his indictment. There will be more to come.

he was indicted in January

he was indicted in January and continue to work at his place of employment and I'm sure his supervisor and the higher ups knew about it. Why they didn't fire him is beyond wrong.
I think if this comes to light that he was still working while management new about his indictment this story will go national because the company he works for has a lot to lose

Innocent until proven guilty

If I am accused of a crime and I get fired. I could sue that company. No they should not have fired anyone until the courts or a jury convicts them of the crime. We do still live in America. I dont believe that constitutional right has been taken away yet. So until it has been, they have done nothing wrong.

Child Rapist Gets Six Months In Jail & 10 Years Probation ????

His Sorry Ass Needs To Go To Prison, Where The Inmates Have There Own Brand Of Justice For Child Rapist. He walked free for 10 years, how many children did he rape that haven't come forward ? " Cajun Justice - Cut Off His Pecker & Feed It To The Gators, Then Send His Ass To Prison ". Hey, Gator Love Rotten Meat !!!!!!!

only six months in jail he is

only six months in jail he is a pedophile there is only one cure for these sick scum bags lead poisoning. he should get a lethal injection and that would be justice. At the very minium life in prison.

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