Gunman on trial for double homicide

Gunman on trial for double homicide

UPDATE: After he was found guilty of capital murder in Judge Raquel West’s 252nd District Court, a jury sentenced Joseph Colone Jr. to death Monday, May 8.


Joseph Colone Jr. asserts he’s an innocent man in search of justice, but Jefferson County Assistant District Attorney Pat Knauth outlined a case before 252nd District Judge Raquel West’s court on Tuesday, April 25, set to invoke the death penalty as the preferred outcome of justice in this case. Testimony is still ongoing, and will proceed into next week.

Knauth’s case against accused capital murderer Colone begins with another crime the defendant is accused of committing. According to the prosecutor, Colone murdered a woman and her teenage daughter because one of his victims had fingered him in a then-pending gameroom robbery case.

Jurors have been presented evidence by the state that contends Colone is guilty of the 2010 shooting deaths of Mary Goodman Hernandez, 41, and her daughter Briana Goodman, 16. Colone was out on bond at the time of the murders, charged with robbing the C&S Arcade on Fourth Street in Beaumont. The indictment listed Goodman as a witness.

Colone’s girlfriend, Ebony Joy Andrews, is also under indictment for capital murder connected to the deaths. Andrews is accused of driving Colone from the Goodman home, and was held in jail until Judge West allowed for her release with a monitoring device attached. Colone has been in the custody of the Jefferson County Jail since Aug. 11, 2010.

At the time he was charged in the murders, Colone had been out of a federal penitentiary for less than a year, where he served 87 months for robbing an armored car in Port Arthur.


In addition to the double murder charge he is facing, Colone is alleged to have subsequently possessed prohibitive substances in the county’s correctional facility – a third-degree felony. According to the indictment handed up in the possession case, on or about May 14, 2015, while in the custody of the Jefferson County Jail, Colone was found to have “razors, a mirror shard, a screwdriver, a needle and metal fencing.” 

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