Hamshire man shoots girlfriend in front of son

Investigator Marcus McLellan, Sheriff Mitch Woods and Constable Bryan Werner

Two children are without their mother after police say their father shot her multiple times in the 15600 block of Heckaman Loop in Hamshire.

According to a press release, at approximately 10:44 a.m., a man advised police his next-door neighbor had just come to the front door and admitted to shooting his girlfriend.

Jefferson County Sheriff spokesman Rod Carroll said the suspect tried to give his son to his neighbor who locked the door and called 911, shaken at the sight of at least one of the man’s bloodied children.

“It scared the hell out him,” Carroll said.

Constable Bryan Werner was able to track the suspect — a man police later identified as James Martin Chaney, 44, of Hamshire — to a local gas station.

“He pulled into the convenience store there at the truck stop and just casually got out just like it was a normal day, like he was going inside to get something to drink,” Werner said.

Chaney was taken into custody without incident and his two children — twins around 3 years old, a brother and sister — were found inside the vehicle unharmed, the boy covered in blood.

Police later found the children’s mother, Tina Gail Aubey, 42, of Hamshire, deceased inside the home with multiple gunshot wounds.

Marcus McLellan, an investigator with the Sheriff’s Office, said the scene of the crime was bloody, as Aubey had been shot numerous times with a .22 rifle that was recovered at the home.

“She had one of the children with her when she was shot inside the house,” McLellan said. “The child was not injured in any way, but he loaded up the kids in the car after trying to give one of the kids to a neighbor next door and told that neighbor that he did shoot his (girlfriend).”

McLellan said Chaney lived at the residence and Aubey had come with their daughter — who was sleeping in the car at the time of the shooting.

Sheriff Mitch Woods said police might have been called to the home in the two-year period leading up to the murder.

“We understand there’ve been some domestic issues between them during that time frame,” Woods said. “That’s ultimately what was going on that led to this shooting incident.”

Chaney was arraigned Friday, May 24, and is currently in the Jefferson County Jail on a $2 million bond.

Werner said he was alarmed at how nonchalant Chaney was after allegedly murdering the mother of his children.

“It didn’t appear to me that he was shaken up at all,” Werner said. “It was just a normal day for him.”



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