Hardin Jefferson ISD donates school supplies

Hardin Jefferson High School

The fact that Southeast Texas knows how to pull together in the face of disaster was proven during Hurricane Harvey and more than a year later SETX is continuing that trend. On Wednesday, Sept. 5, Hardin-Jefferson ISD. donated school supplies, enough for approximately 100 students, to the Harvest for Lost Souls Ministry.

“(On) Sept. 5, I witnessed (Interim) Superintendent Mushlian not only give away school supplies, but help to load the supplies, pack the supplies, empty boxes and clean up.  After almost 40 years of educational service and support, she is indeed the true resemblance of what ‘Texans Recovering Together’ looks like,” said Team Lead and Community Liaison for Region 5 ESC Crisis Counseling Program Teresa Davis.

This event came after a visit from Davis to Mushlian checking to see how Region 5 could assist the Hardin-Jefferson School District. 

“As Team Lead and Community Liaison for six counties for the Region 5 ESC Crisis Counseling Program, it’s my role to meet with community leaders, government officials, business owners, non-profits, teachers, principals, superintendents, and more,” said Davis “On Aug. 21, I had the privilege of meeting Interim Superintendent Mushlian.  Although the reason for my visit was to understand how our Crisis Counseling Program could support the students (and) staff back to school in this district, what I discovered in conversation with her was simply awesome.”

During their meeting it came to light that Hardin-Jefferson ISD. was willing and able to help others. 

“Interim Superintendent Mushlian shared with me how Sour Lake and its residence pulled together their community resources to help each other recovery.  While there were some outside assistance and support, they were restored to a level of being in the position to now help others. This is when she told me about school supplies sitting in a building, collecting dust and not being used,” said Davis. “She asked if I knew of anyone that could use those supplies as she humbly offered to give them away in order to help others. I identified Harvest for Lost Souls Community Outreach Ministry because of the consistent work Pastor Kennedy Andrews and his staff continue to do in serving so many in the community throughout Jefferson County.” 

The various school supplies that were donated are going to be used to support “adopted” schoolteachers in Southeast Texas, with two major times of need being covered.

“The teacher will share with me their needs (then) we will adopt the teacher. We will probably adopt a teacher from now until, maybe March,” said Rev. Kennedy Andrews, senior pastor and founder of Harvest for Lost Souls Outreach Ministry in Beaumont. “School supplies are all messed up and they have a need in March just like they do in August.”

This instance of generosity shows how powerful a community that works together can be. For more information on Region 5 Education Service Center, visit www.esc5.net. For more information on Harvest for Lost Souls Outreach ministry, visit www.harvestforlostsouls.com.