Hatchet man arrested on three counts of aggravated assault in Vidor

Hatchet man arrested on three counts of aggravated assault in Vidor

A homeless Vidor man was arrested after an altercation at an apartment complex on Orange Street in Vidor on Jan. 2 in which the man allegedly attacked multiple victims while in possession of two hatchets and a knife, reports the Vidor Police Department.

A police report from VPD indicates 22-year-old Caleb Aubrey Watson was arrested on three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon after officers responded to calls about a subject attacking people and passing vehicles with a hatchet at the Stonehaven Apartments in the 1000 block of Orange Street at 5:21 p.m. When officers arrived, they report seeing Watson fighting with another man, biting him on top of his shoulder. Officers reportedly told the men to discontinue the altercation. The men ignored the commands until one of the officers deployed his Taser. The Taser prongs were deflected by clothing, but the battling men finally responded to the noise from the weapon and officers' shouts by ceasing their struggle. As the men fought, a woman approached officers with a Buck knife that she said Watson threw.

Once the men were separated, officers collected reports from multiple witnesses. Two residents of the complex, a father and son, told officers they were in possession of the two hatchets Watson was reported brandishing. They said they had collected the items, which were Watson's, after seeing the man throw them at a crowd of people in the courtyard of the complex. The father told officers Watson had been at their apartment staying for a few days because he was homeless, and after a long day drinking had begun to start problems. The father asked Watson to leave, and he reportedly became very angry, refused and took the two hatchets from his backpack, threatening to "kill everyone." He then allegedly proceeded to walk toward the street and swing the axes at passing vehicles before later throwing them into the crowd that had gathered in the courtyard. Some residents of the apartment complex told officers they had attempted to calm Watson, but he had attacked them too, allegedly throwing one of the hatchets toward a mother holding her child. Witnesses also reported Watson had assaulted a store clerk at the Country Pantry store across the street from the complex, but police had not spoken with the clerk at the time of the report.

Police state in the report that they found holsters for the hatchets inside Watson's backpack, and the man reportedly admitted the axes, backpack, clothing and other items strewn around the courtyard area were his. Police reported that during the incident, Watson continually verbally assaulted officers and witnesses, "screaming profanity and threatening everyone involved," and that he smelled strongly of an unknown alcoholic beverage. Watson was arrested on three counts of aggravated assault and taken to the Vidor Police Department for booking.

While being booked on the assault charges, Watson continued to rant, police report. VPD Officer Robert Martin stated in his report, "While Mr. Watson was in the holding cell he told me he would get revenge on the entire Vidor Police Department. Mr. Watson told me the officers and their entire families would pay for what was being done to him...Mr. Watson told me, 'for every year of my life that gets taken, I will take years from your lives.'" Martin indicated that Watson also threatened certain officers specifically and said he would force one of the arresting officers to watch his children "bleed out." And, according to Martin, all the time he was making threats, he also begged the officer to shoot him and kill him.

Watson was later transported to the Orange County Jail, and remained incarcerated on a $30,000 bond, $10,000 per charge, at the time of this report.