Health Department extends hours for back-to-school immunizations

Health Department extends hours for back-to-school immunizations

The Immunization Division of the Health Department will offer extended hours for back-to-school immunizations until school begins, City of Beaumont Communications Manager Danielle Underferth reports.

According to a press release from Underferth and the City, the division will be open until 6 p.m. on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday, and 7 p.m. on  Wednesday through the week of Aug. 18. All children are required to be current with the immunization schedule prior to school, which begins on Monday, Aug. 25.

Immunizations protect children from childhood diseases which can cause serious complications, cautions the city.

For more information on immunization requirements, visit the Texas Department of State Health Services, or call the Public Health Department at (409) 654-3645. The Public Health Department is located at 950 Washington Blvd.



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