Healthy Business of the Month

Healthy Business of the Month

Spindletop Center’s Employee Health & Fitness program is an exciting initiative started by the Center to get people active. With the help of onsite fitness trainers, the center is proud to offer a comprehensive range of free health and fitness opportunities to get their employees moving.  Some of the services offered include personal training, lunchtime fitness programs, weekly walking, running and biking events, nutrition talks, updated workout rooms and personalized meal planning.

“Our center has always been concerned about the health of our employees,” said Betty Reynolds, Spindletop Center chief behavioral health officer.  “When you’re healthy, you feel better and your self-esteem goes up, resulting in increased work productivity, in addition to many other benefits.”

Along those same lines of promoting health and fitness, the center also recently launched its Individual Self Help Action Plan for Empowerment (InShape) program, which is designed specifically for Spindletop consumers who have a mental illness. The program’s goal is to increase consumers’ quality of life by improving physical health and reducing stress through the guidance of health mentors who assist with exercise programs and teach healthy eating habits.

Yet another healthy initiative that the Center has adopted is its IDD Wellness program.  The IDD Wellness program works with individuals who have intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) or Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).  These groups, who are often at a higher risk of developing long-term health issues, utilize swimming, exercise equipment, nutritional information, and aerobics to remain physically fit.

 “We are very fortunate to have the commitment and support of our center to continue this ongoing effort and look forward to getting even more people active and involved.”