High on fry: suspected PCP-user arrested again

High on fry: suspected PCP-user arrested again

After recently having been arrested for public intoxication on Sept. 29 when he was reportedly undressing in public, 36-year-old Orange resident and suspected PCP-user Norris McGhee is at it again. The Orange Police Department reports McGhee was again arrested for public intoxication on Oct. 10. under suspicion he was once more under the influence of the dangerous and deadly drug phencyclidine.

According to the arrest report from OPD, Officer Isaac Henry was dispatched to the 1200 block of Cordrey Avenue in Orange in reference to a man lying in the middle of the roadway. When Henry arrived to the area, he reportedly observed the man described by the caller lying in the intersection of Cordrey and Wrenway with "both hands and feet sticking straight up in the air."

Officer Henry and two other officers approached the man and detained the man, then identified as McGhee. According to the arrest report, Henry observed McGhee to have slurred speech and glassy, bloodshot eyes. Henry reports he also smelled a strong and familiar odor.

"Through my law enforcement training and past experience," wrote Henry, "I believed the odor to be PCP."

Officers transported McGhee to the Baptist Hospital in Orange. While there, Henry reports, "McGhee was not able to talk clearly to the hospital staff and was very uncooperative,"  and that when asked by a nurse if he had used any drugs during the night, McGhee told her, "I smoked a J."

After receiving medical clearance from hospital staff, Henry arrested McGhee for public intoxication. According to Henry, once under arrest McGhee became "distraught" and started kicking, so the suspect was placed in leg restraints.

"It took several officers and assistance from the hospital staff to place him in the back of my patrol car," Henry stated in his report. 

Once secured, McGhee was finally transported to the Orange County Jail and processed by jail staff at the facility.

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