High-speed pursuit in Orange

High-speed pursuit in Orange

A suspect led police on a dangerous high-speed chase through the streets of Orange, actually traveling in the wrong direction on a one-way road during the pursuit and exceeding 95 mph in instances, police reported. Police arrested 30-year-old Dustin Hickey of Orange for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle, felony evading in a vehicle, and possession of a controlled substance after they say he fled in a stolen car when officers attempted to stop him during a stakeout at approximately 9 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 12.

According to a report from the Orange Police Department, officers were conducting surveillance at the Ramada Inn at 2610 Interstate 10 due to suspected drug activity. During their observation, one officer saw a "suspicious person" exit a vehicle parked at the Days Inn nearby and then walk over to the Ramada. The officer ran the license plate number of the car and found that it was registered to a Dodge truck and did not belong to the car. After checking the VIN and calling it into dispatch, officers discovered the vehicle had been reported as stolen from Orange. Officers attempted to make a traffic stop and detain the man for further investigation, but that's when he raced away westbound on the north service road, the officers reported.

At least two police officers blocked roadways with their patrol cars as the suspect drove in the wrong direction on the north service road, but Hickey reportedly drove around them and sped down the city streets. Finally, police cornered the man in the parking lot of Tractor Supply where he struck a loading dock with the stolen vehicle and attempted to flee on foot, they reported. Officers rapidly caught up with Hickey and took him into custody, according to police. Upon searching Hickey, police reported finding what they believed to be more than 1 gram of methamphetamine wrapped in a dollar bill. He was transported to the Orange County Correctional Facility.



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