Hit-and-run driver indicted in teen’s death

Antonio “Tony” Moretti and Alexandria Guillen

A 20-year-old Port Arthur woman has been indicted by a Jefferson County grand jury for two felony offenses of leaving the scene of an accident after she hit a moped carrying two teens, resulting in one’s death and the other’s serious bodily injuries on Feb. 21. According to the indictments handed down Wednesday, May 11, Alexandria Guillen “intentionally and knowingly” left the accident scene, although she was aware the two victims were obviously “in need of medical treatment.”

The probable cause affidavit filed by Port Arthur Police detective Troy Robinson stated that Guillen “voluntarily came to the Port Arthur Police Department and tendered a statement about the night in question,” although she had to be tracked down to her apartment and asked to cooperate before she offered up any version of what happened that fateful night.

When she did talk police, Robinson said, Guillen “stated she was operating a 2007 Toyota Avalon which struck a person wearing a white shirt on a bike in the 7600 block of Highway 69.

“(Guillen) continued to drive to her residence, failing to return to the scene.”

In actuality, Guillen struck more than “a person wearing a white shirt.” She struck two people – 15-year-old Tause Khuro and 16-year-old Antonio “Tony” Moretti. And witnesses told police Guillen had to pull over to remove the battered bike from the front of her own vehicle. Even at that time, according to the witnesses, Guillen did not attempt to get aid for her victims.

According to the Transportation Code Guillen was indicted under, she faces a second-degree felony charge that carries a maximum penalty of up to 20 years in prison for the accident that caused Moretti’s death, and a third-degree felony that carries a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in prison for the accident that resulted in Khuro’s serious bodily injuries.

Guillen was arrested Thursday, April 28, but bailed out of jail with a total of $40,000 in bonds.

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