Hit list No. 2 – Orange County Sheriff's Office investigates second student hit list this week

Hit list No. 2 – Orange County Sheriff's Office investigates second student hit list this week

According to a news release from the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, a 12-year-old Mauriceville student was arrested after creating a “hit list” with names of fellow students. This is the second incident of students writing hit lists that OCSO has investigated this week.

On Wednesday, Jan. 30 at approximately 11:40 a.m., the sheriff’s office received a call from the Assistant Principal at Mauriceville Middle School concerning suspicious circumstances. Deputies met with the MMS Assistant Principal concerning a “hit list” that had been located in a classroom inside the school. The “hit list” had several students’ names on it.

Investigators were contacted and responded to the school. They were able to locate the suspect in this case, and the student confessed to writing the note.

The investigators were able to locate and speak with all of the students who names were on the list and with each child’s parent advising them of the situation. The suspect in this case confessed to making the list, and said he did it because the people he listed on the note had been picking on him. The student, whose name cannot be released due to his age, was arrested for Terroristic Threats and transported to the Minnie Rogers Juvenile Justice Center in Beaumont. Mauriceville Middle School also suspended the student from school.

The Orange County Sheriff’s Office has been providing extra patrols and walking through all of the schools in Orange County making sure that the school and students are safe. The investigation into the incident is ongoing.



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