Houston man arrested for meth and Kush in Orange

Houston man arrested for meth and Kush in Orange

A 34-year-old Houston man parked in a vacant lot in Orange was arrested after police discovered methamphetamine and synthetic marijuana in the man's possession, Orange police report.

According to a report from the Orange Police Department, OPD Officer Dustin Myers was patrolling the 300 block of North 16th Street in Orange when he noticed a silver Toyota 4-Runner parked in a vacant parking lot in the 200 block of 16th. Myers reports the vehicle seemed "out of place" in the usually deserted area, and the lights of the vehicle were on with the engine running. Myers says he then decided to complete a welfare check.

Myers reports he approached the vehicle, and the lone occupant identified himself as Roger Lloyd Leath. According to Myers, Leath had a laceration on his finger, so the officer called first responders to check out the injury. Acadian Ambulance Service soon arrived and treated the minor injury, performing a check of his vitals. Leath reportedly refused additional medical treatment, and the ambulance departed.

In his report, Myers described Leath as "noticeably shaky and nervous," but told the inquiring officer he had nothing illegal inside his vehicle. After reportedly receiving consent from Leath to search the vehicle, Officer Myers says he discovered three sealed plastic bags branded "Kush," a well-known brand of synthetic marijuana, and four small plastic baggies containing a clear, crystal-like substance, believed to be crystal methamphetamine.

Leath was arrested for possession of a controlled substance PG1 for the meth and possession of a controlled substance PG2A for the synthetic marijuana and taken to the Orange County Jail.