Instagram leads to suspect after Domino’s driver is robbed in PA

Ariel Imanol Gomez

A Jefferson County grand jury has indicted Ariel Imanol Gomez, 18, of Port Arthur for theft and aggravated robbery.

July 18 at about 10:04 p.m., Port Arthur Police officers received a report of a robbery and responded to Port Arthur Fire Station No. 1.

A Domino’s Pizza employee told police that she took an order to an address on 15th Street, the indictment states. When she arrived, a man got out of a silver Honda sedan and tried to pay with a $100 bill. The man told her that he did not have change and asked her to meet him at a nearby store.

Then the man got back into the Honda on the passenger side of the vehicle and stayed in the parked car.

The Domino’s Pizza driver said that she asked for clarification, and the man said they had change.

Another man exited the driver’s side of the Honda and pointed a pistol at her and demanded property. She complied.

Both men got back into the Honda and fled, the indictment states.

The delivery driver attempted to chase them. She also looked up the number that the order was placed with and called it. No one answered. Her friend called and texted him, and the response included a photo of the gunman.

Port Arthur police were able to use the suspect’s Instagram account and the photo to identify the gunman as Ariel Gomez, after showing the photo to his parole officer.

“If I saw that photo on the news, I would think it’s Gomez,” his parole officer said, according to the indictment.

Gomez was already on probation for unauthorized use of a motor vehicle.