Intoxicated man attempts shoplifting, fails

Intoxicated man attempts shoplifting, fails

Police arrested an allegedly intoxicated man after he reportedly attempted to shoplift from two separate businesses in Orange on Friday, May 16.

According to a report from the Orange Police Department, officers were dispatched to HEB located at 2424 N. 16th St. in Orange regarding an attempted shoplifting incident at about 9:51 p.m. Officer James Gillen reports that when he arrived at HEB, he made contact with the shoplifting suspect who identified himself as 47-year-old James Darwin Rhodes of Orange. As he was speaking with the suspect, the officer reports, he detected "the strong odor of an alcoholic beverage on his breath and person." Gillen reports Rhodes admitted he had drunk two 32-ounce beers.

Gillen also reports that while he was on site at HEB, he spoke to the manager of CVS Pharmacy nearby who told him Rhodes had attempted to take some batteries from the store but had dropped them. The manager of HEB alleged Rhodes had attempted to conceal a package of pork chops from the store by shoving them down the front of his pants. However, he placed them on a shelf in one of the aisles prior to leaving the store. All merchandise was recovered by the managers of the stores, police report.

Rhodes was placed into custody for public intoxication and taken to the Orange County Jail for processing. According to Gillen's report, Rhodes became uncooperative at the jail and a "proper booking photo was not obtained."

A database search revealed Rhodes was convicted of criminal trespass previously from an incident in 1993.