Investigation continues into alleged assault at home of former BISD electrician

Investigation continues into alleged assault at home of former BISD electrician

The Beaumont Police Department has confirmed there was an alleged aggravated family violence assault reported by the wife of former Beaumont ISD electrician Calvin Walker the evening of Monday, July 10, but did not report an arrest connected to the incident.

According to early reports, police started to receive calls shortly before 8 p.m. on Monday, July 10, indicating Calvin and Stacy Walker were involved in a domestic disturbance that escalated from their home on Roland Road to another part of the city. Witnesses claimed that Calvin severely damaged one of the couple’s vehicles at the home they share in Beaumont’s North End, then, while driving in a black truck, chased and struck the vehicle driven by his wife as she attempted to flee.

BPD reports that Stacy Walker did choose to file a report with the law enforcement agency related to what police are investigating as “aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (or other dangerous weapon).” The incident report filed with BPD states that the deadly weapon offense is alleged to have taken place in the 6300 block of Bigner Road. Calvin Walker had reportedly already left scene on Bigner by the time police arrived after being called via emergency dispatch.

BPD reports the investigation is ongoing and no other information is available at this time. A release of the public report of the incident does not include a statement by the alleged victim.

Calvin Walker is currently on federal probation and under state felony indictment for alleged felonious business practices while he was at the helm of Walker’s Electric Company, co-owned with wife Stacy. According to records of the U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Texas, Walker is still under court supervision pursuant to a December 2012 federal sentencing plea agreement that allotted 60 months probation as well as a hefty fine for admitted tax violations.

“An Internal Revenue Service investigation stemming from the original FBI investigation of overbilling and submission of altered documents to the Beaumont Independent School District revealed Walker failed to report as income on his 2009 tax return a check from BISD in the amount of $1,592,839.10 for the payment of materials, labor and equipment rental charges,” the U.S. Attorney’s Office reported after sentencing.

State felony charges were pursued in relation to alleged overbilling of the Beaumont school district as well as the city of Port Arthur when a grand jury handed up six felony indictments on Walker in July 2014.

According to the indictments, from Dec. 23, 2008, through Sept. 10, 2009, Walker, who at that time owned and managed Walker’s Electric alongside his wife Stacy, submitted fraudulent invoices to both BISD and the city of Port Arthur to receive payments he was not due.

While fighting to keep the state charges from going before a judge or jury, Walker petitioned the federal court for early release from probation in 2016. Federal Judge Ron Clark denied the request.

“Mr. Walker presents no exceptional or changed circumstances that would justify early termination of his probation,” Clark determined. “Mr. Walker’s motion demonstrates only that he has complied with the terms of his probation thus far. Compliance with probation is expected, not exceptional.”

Barring early termination or revocation, Walker is scheduled to remain under federal court supervision until December 2017.

Walker’s next scheduled court date to answer pending state felonies is Sept. 6 in Jefferson County’s Criminal District Court.

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