Is it litter or a bomb?

Is it litter or a bomb?

One man is in custody after a suspicious package left at the corner of College Street and Major Drive in Beaumont caused a brief bomb scare.

Beaumont Fire Department spokesman Brad Pennison said police, SWAT and K-9 units received the call about 9:30 a.m. Friday, May 24, and were securing the scene soon after.

“Port Arthur has a K-9 unit that they use for explosives so they were able to respond out here with us,” Pennison said. “We used the K-9 to check it out and determined it was not explosive, just a suitcase full of trash.”

The aqua-colored suitcase discarded at the street corner contained items such as an old cigar box, shotgun shells, an old Zippo lighter and other miscellaneous items along with family photos.

The man who police say left the suitcase was later taken into custody on an unrelated warrant out of Port Arthur.

Pennison said police are still investigating and could file additional charges.



Bomb Scare

After The Bombing In Boston & Terrorist Alerts worldwide. This Idiot Leaves A suitcase Need A Major Intersection To Cause A Panic Reaction From The Public. He Could Have Been Possibility Testing Local Law Enforcement & First Responders. Regardless He Had A Reason For Leaving The Suitcase Near A Major Intersection at 9am. Local Law Enforcement & First Responders Did An Excellant Job. We Shojld All Thank Them For Their Service To Our Community.

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