Jasper community awaits Wright's autopsy

Alfred Wright: Photo courtesy of Facebook

After a family search party found the body of a missing Jasper man, police say official autopsy results won’t be in for another four to six weeks — results that would clearly determine the man’s cause of death. 

Sabine County Sheriff Tom Maddox confirmed that preliminary autopsy results released Tuesday, Dec. 3,  showed no trauma to Alfred Wright’s head, but did find some shallow punctures around Wright’s abdomen, possibly from a barbed wire fence. Still, Maddox said there’s no evidence of foul play in the initial autopsy report. 

Numerous articles of Wright’s clothing were found in a remote pasture a few miles from where Wright was last seen by a gas station attendant.

According to KTRE in Pollok, Texas, Wright called his wife, with whom he has two sons, Nov. 7 saying he was having car problems. Wright’s parents were notified and began driving to meet their stranded son, but when they arrived, Wright had disappeared.

The case has investigators questioning the cause of Wright’s death — Wright had been indicted in a federal court in Tennessee on embezzlement charges and had a trial date upcoming — but Sabine County Sheriff Tom Maddox said it’s too soon to tell what really happened to Wright. Furthermore, Maddox would not comment on the circumstances of the investigation, which was taken over by the Texas Rangers. 

“We wanted them to,” Maddox said as to why the Rangers are leading the investigation. “That way it just cuts down on any confusion.”

Maddox said Sabine County handed over the investigation of Wright’s death to the Texas Rangers to also put any perceived racial tensions with Wright’s family at ease. Alfred Wright was a black man.

“The Rangers will do a thorough investigation the same as we would, but we want the family to be satisfied too,” Maddox said. 

The Sabine County Sheriff of 13 years said the full autopsy report should be released in the coming months. 

“The investigation is still ongoing and will be until we get all the results in,” Maddox said.