JCSO: Beware of SUV that looks like police vehicle

2015 Chevy Tahoe that looks like unmarked patrol vehicle | Photo: Jefferson Coun

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office is asking for the public’s assistance in investigating a vehicle that may be used to impersonate police.

JCSO deputies have stopped a 2015 white Chevy Tahoe that was rigged to look like a police vehicle, Capt. Crystal Holmes said in a statement. The Tahoe had two separate light bars and a black push guard mounted on the front with two siren speakers, like an unmarked patrol car.

JCSO said they have not yet received documented complaints of citizens having been stopped by this vehicle, and their office does not have a white Tahoe, marked or unmarked.

Anyone who has been stopped by this vehicle is asked to contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at (409) 835-8411 and ask speak to a detective in the criminal investigation department.

"As a reminder, if you are being stopped by a law enforcement vehicle and you are not certain that it is a real law enforcement officer attempting to stop you, do not pull over," Holmes said. "You are advised to slow down, put on your emergency flashers and continue driving to the next well lit open business prior to pulling over."

"You can also call 911 to give your exact location and to verify with the dispatcher that the vehicle trying to pull you over is a legitimate law enforcement officer."

- Jefferson County Sheriff's Office