JCSO hosts sniper school

JCSO hosts sniper school

Snipers in training descended upon Jefferson County for a weeklong training course that started Monday, Sept. 5. Around 20 officers who are members of various SWAT agencies throughout the country, some coming from as far as California, took part in the basic sniper training headed by Jefferson County Dep. Brian Sain.

Sain also seconds as a training officer for Sniper Craft, a Florida-based training organization for sharpshooters.

“A sniper’s mission is to provide real time intelligence to commanders,” he said. “In hostage situations where the hostage is in immediate danger, it is the sniper’s job to shoot. And they’re shooting under extreme stress.”

Sain said as a trainer, it’s his mission to train the officers to shoot under stress, which means prior to taking practice shots, the marksmen run wind sprints and perform other activities that require them to think about several things at once.

“This is a highly specialized course. When they leave, they come away from here with a lot of experience and knowledge,” said Sain.