JCSO warns of scam in area

JCSO warns of scam in area

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office has been alerted to a new scam that is active in our area. In this scam, a resident received a call from an individual that was claiming to be employed by the Jefferson County Fraud Department. The caller ID showed the name of Jefferson County Courthouse. This can be done by what is termed spoofing by utilizing an electronic device or website with Voice Over IP (VOIP). The caller requested personal information from the resident as part of an investigation.

There is no such department as the Jefferson County Fraud Division. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office nor any other law enforcement agency would call an individual over the phone or email and request personal information.

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office requests that all resident resist giving any personal information that will assist a suspect in committing ID Fraud over the phone or email.

(Jefferson County Sheriff's Office press release)



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