Jefferson County Sheriff's Office warns of local 'Nigerian Scam'

The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office wants to warn citizens of a new version of the "Nigerian SCAM" that is resurfacing in Southeast Texas. Themost recent version involves a local resident that is listing an item for sale. An individual, "the buyer", contacts the seller either by phone oremail. The buyer offers to purchase the item. He advises that he has a friend that lives in the area that will come by and pick-up the item or hewill send shipping instructions later.The buyer aka "the thief, tells the seller that he is going to have a company or individual that owes him money send the check directly to theseller. The check that is received by the seller is for an amount greater than the purchased item. The Buyer advises the seller to deposit the checkand forward the excess to him at a PO Box or mail drop.Example: Sellers offers to sell a tool set and lists it on the internet or local newspaper. The buyer contacts the seller and offers to purchase atstated price of $500. The buyer tells the seller that he is going to have a customer of his, send a check directly to the seller. The check is receivedfor $3,500 from ABC Company out of Miami, Florida. The seller deposits the check into his account for $3,500. He mails the excess amount, $3,000, tothe buyer in Georgia. The seller is than informed by his bank that the check in the amount of $3,500 has been returned as no account found. The sellerhas had $3,000 stolen from him in the fraud.The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office wants to warn resident that the criminal community is active looking for ways to defraud hard workingindividuals of their money. If the deal seems "too good to be true" then it probably is a fraud.