Judge sentences Louisiana man to 50 years in rape of 5-year-old


Ronald Guilbeaux, 53 (born Feb. 11, 1959), last known addresses 902 Fulton in Beaumont and 450 Ozen St., St. Landry, La., was sentenced Friday Aug. 31, to a term of 50 years in the penitentiary in connection with his July 11, 2012, conviction by a jury of aggravated sexual assault of a child in the 2011 rape of a 5-year-old child at his Beaumont residence.

That jury deliberated for two hours before handing up the guilty verdict, and today Criminal Judge John Stevens pronounced his sentence. Even though the defense presented letters of recommendation from several persons asking for leniency, Assistant District Attorney Pat Knauth told the court that there had been no remorse shown, that the defendant had inflicted serious permanent damage on the young victim’s future, and that the protection of the community should be an important factor in pronouncing sentence.

In his sentencing comments, Judge Stevens focused on the vulnerability of the victim and the protection of all children.

Testimony during the trial showed that the 5-year-old victim was dropped off at the defendant’s house. He had been dating the child’s grandmother, and was supposed to babysit the child while her mother was at work. That evening, the victim complained of genital pain. When her mother questioned her, the child revealed that she had been sexually assaulted by Guilbeaux. The mother immediately called the police and took her child to St. Elizabeth’s Hospital for examination and treatment. Medical experts confirmed the child had been sexually assaulted. The child was interviewed at the Garth House where she revealed she not only had been sexually assaulted on July 10, 2011, but also in December 2010.

The victim testified before the jury, and jurors also had an opportunity to review the recorded statement that had been made when first she was interviewed. The victim’s mother also testified as to her child’s outcry to her, and a medical expert documented the child injuries suffered by the child. The investigating detective from the Beaumont police department also testified as to the inconsistent statements made by the defendant during the course of his investigation.

Guilbeaux will not be eligible for parole until he has served a minimum of 25 years of his sentence.