Kidnapping and sexual assault in Port Arthur

Kidnapping and sexual assault in Port Arthur

Port Arthur police are currently investigating a kidnapping that resulted in the sexual assault of a young woman taken from her residence  on Sixth Street in Port Arthur on Wednesday night.

Police reported the 19-year-old victim was at her home when a 34-year-old man she knew from Facebook showed up and asked to to talk to him outside. The young woman stepped out and got into the man's car, according to a news release from police, and the man immediately drove away with the victim inside the vehicle. The man drove with the woman to Lake Jackson, sexually assaulting her along the way, police reported.

Investigators immediately started interviewing potential witnesses in search of the missing woman. Lake Jackson police and Brazoria County Sheriff's deputies joined the search, and the suspect was identified. Officers reported they isolated a location, but when they arrived found an empty apartment. According to the news release, police believe the man discovered police were looking for him and drove the victim to an area near the Texas Medical Center. At approximately 2:50 p.m. on Aug. 5, the victim presented at the Texas Children's Hospital. She made contact with a Houston police officer working at the facility and reported the attack.

Detectives of the Lake Jackson Police Department interviewed the suspect but did not arrest him, stating in the press release they believe the man is not a flight risk and the victim is "no longer in danger."

Police have refused further comment on the investigation due to the sensitive nature of the case and out of respect for the victim. Police request the community respect the privacy of the victim, who suffered minor injuries as a result of the attack.