Kilos of cocaine and bundles of marijuana found on the beach

Kilos of cocaine and bundles of marijuana found on the beach

After discovering kilos of cocaine and bundles of marijuana along the shoreline at the beach, the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office warned people celebrating the July 4 holiday on the waterfront to call law enforcement if they see any of the drugs and to beware of dangerous toxins possibly seeping from the potentially perilous packages.

The Jefferson County Narcotics Task Force coordinated a sweep of the beach in Jefferson County on June 30 in advance of the holiday weekend in an effort to locate and collect any other possible bundles that could have washed up on the shore, Deputy Marcus McLellan reported. Narcotics Task Force detectives and detectives from Beaumont Police Department Narcotics Unit searched the beach on ATV’s as the Sheriff’s Aviation Unit scanned the beach from the air.

McLellan said one bundle of cocaine was located approximately four miles from High Island. The package was collected by the U.S. Coast Guard for processing.

In news release following the discovery leading up to the July 4 holiday weekend, McLellan expressed concern for people and families, particularly children, who could find the bundles and become exposed to the toxins in the drugs.

“Our goal is to make the public aware of this hazard so that they do not expose themselves poisons and toxins in the drugs,” he stated following the discovery of the drugs. McLelland cautioned people not to go “dope hunting” at the beach and not to collect the poisonous packages brimming with “hazardous poisons and toxins.”

“The use of these drugs that wash up on the beach could be deadly,” he asserted.

 Call the sheriff’s office at (409) 835-8411 for more information or to report suspicious packages at the beach and in the county.