Kree Harrison announces record deal

Kree Harrison announces record deal

After finishing as runner-up on season 12 of Fox’s American Idol, Woodville native Kree Harrison continues to put her stamp on country music. The 25-year-old made her debut appearance at the Grand Ole Opry in June 2013, and since then has performed there several times. Harrison captivated the audience with her single “All Cried Out” at the 2013 CMT Music Awards, and later performed the national anthem before an NFL Arizona Cardinals game. She has taken the stage all over the country this past year with stops at BMI’s Key West Songwriters Festival and the Butte Songwriters Festival in Colorado. Harrison’s soulful voice has allowed her to collaborate with some of her biggest musical influences. Harrison, who has called Nashville home for more than 14 years, has been working hard on her debut full studio album and was signed by Plaid Flag Music, a music label out of Nashville, on her birthday, May 17. The Examiner caught up to Harrison for an interview prior to her scheduled performance at Shootout on the Sabine on Saturday, May 30, at the Riverfront Pavilion in Orange.


Q. How excited are you to be coming back to Southeast Texas and to perform in front of a home crowd?


A. Every single time I come home, I am more than happy to see family and catch up with friends, but I feel like this time it’s more special to me because I have been working on new material and am about to make this record. I have been (working) since January with this new publishing company that I am now writing for. I’m now more excited to play … these new songs.


Q. Is this the big announcement that you’ve been teasing on Twitter for quite some time?


A. It is. It’s official now. I’ve just signed with Plaid Flag Music … and I’m proud to announce it and show everybody why I’ve kind of been under the radar, working my butt off.


Q. Tell me about your new album. What can fans expect?


A. I’m always going to be country. There’s never going to be some crossover pop situation in something I put out. I’ve always been stubborn and try to stay true to my roots, whether it be countrier than cornbread or some soulful stuff. There’s not going to be a curveball that I throw.


Q. I’m sure you’ve heard the news that the 15th season of American Idol will be its last. What was your reaction?


A. I was honored to be a part of such a great show. It was the first reality singing competition. I’m very appreciative and thankful of not only the spotlight that they put me under, but also that Idol gave me a chance to tell my story. It might be something for people to relate to — a young boy or girl that might say, ‘Now I want to do that.’ I would never get tired of that.


Q. I believe the last season will see the show invite many of its alumni back to the show. Are you expecting to receive an invitation to return?


That’s the plan. … I’m kind of anxious to see how they end the next year. It’s going to be a blowout.


Q. What can we expect to hear from you, music wise, Saturday, May 30, at the Riverfront Pavilion in Orange?


A. I have new material for people to hear and then some cover songs that I like to play — maybe some Ronnie Milsap. More than anything, I am just anxious to play my new music for people.



Q. I know you were raised in Woodville before you moved to Nashville, but you were actually born in Port Arthur. What is it about this area that produces so many quality musicians?


A. It must be the crawfish. No, joking aside, I think it is the culture. Any music that comes out of there, I believe the marriage between all of it is soul, whether it’s zydeco music or blues or country.


Q. What’s next for Kree Harrison?


A. I’ve been working very, very hard to start recording this record. I’m hoping that whenever I do put out this record and start touring around and playing it that people really enjoy it. Hopefully, they will love it as much as I do.