Lakeside Center focuses on keeping seniors active

Lakeside Center focuses on keeping seniors active

For years, Beaumont seniors and the City Council have advocated for a new activity center to replace the aging Best Years Center, and in 2016, the council approved its construction downtown near the Event Centre. The new facility, dubbed “The Lakeside Center” by council, is opening soon and will offer the same services as Best Years provides, enriching lives by giving its members a variety of programs in which to participate.

City of Beaumont Event Facilities Director Lenny Caballero says approximately 300 members visit the Best Years Center daily, and more than 1,000 attendees dance the night away at the Civic Center during the Best Years annual Mardi Gras celebration. While the center is open to all ages, its primary membership is made up of senior citizens, and the programming is senior-focused.

“It’s a new location, but it’s the same services,” Caballero explained. “The majority of all the programming, about 95 percent, is geared to seniors.”

Best Years has long offered members learning opportunities and encouraged fitness, providing classes in French, aerobics and ceramics, among others. Caballero said Lakeside Center would still offer those classes and some new programs, as well.

“We want this to be the best activity center in the state of Texas with excellent activities and equipment,” Caballero asserted. “We want to have a premier facility. Going into this new building, we want to make sure we have first-rate equipment – the best billiards, new aerobic mats, comfortable chairs, new dominoes tables. We want to have a state-of-the-art activity center for seniors and all.”


Rather than changing the programming, Caballero’s goal is to improve it,...


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