Is Lambert out at BISD?

Patricia Lambert

While Beaumont Independent School District employees have been told that assistant superintendent for secondary schools Patricia Adams Collins Lambert is missing workdays due to a hurt arm, rumblings around the district water cooler claim that Lambert’s health is not the real reason she has been missing in action. And although Lambert has taken off from work for extended periods in the past, this time Superintendent Timothy Chargois has appointed someone to take Lambert’s place while she is out of the office, long-time educator Rachel Jones.

Out to lunch

No BISD employee’s notorious mismanagement of public funds has earned the inclusion of their likeness on the cover of this newspaper more than felon-turned-principal-turned-assistant superintendent Patricia Adams Collins Lambert. Over the last year, evidence has been unveiled and firsthand witnesses have come forward to let it be known that while entrusted to educate Beaumont’s youth, Lambert has used the BISD coffers as a trust fund for her grown son, has masterminded a culture of cheating and corruption at Central High School, and hijacked monies raised by volunteers meant to further student activities.

While federal investigators still maintain they cannot divulge where their investigation is going prior to getting indictments on the accused, The Examiner has been able to confirm with witnesses who say they have been interviewed at length pertaining to their knowledge of Lambert’s misdeeds, and witnesses who have seen federal agents at the BISD administration building looking to talk to Lambert herself.

In with the interim

While Lambert’s “out sick,” principals from secondary schools are to report to staff development coordinator Rachel Jones. According to information provided by BISD about Jones, she has worked as an educator within the district for more than 45 years, serving as a teacher, guidance counselor, assistant principal, principal, and staff development director. Jones is also a product of Beaumont schools, graduating from Charlton-Pollard High School and Lamar University.

— Jennifer Johnson