Laredo Taco Co. brings quick service, sit-down restaurant taste to Port Arthur

Laredo Taco Co. brings quick service, sit-down restaurant taste to Port Arthur

A hidden gem serving some of the best tortillas you’ll ever taste has just opened up in Southeast Texas.

Laredo Taco Company, located inside the new Stripes convenience store at 2300 Highway 365 in Port Arthur, is new to the area and definitely worth checking out. The restaurant, which held its grand opening Jan. 5, is already experiencing heavy lunch traffic from plant workers and employees from the Medical Center of Southeast Texas, who are just a couple of blocks away, said Stripes General Manager Dave Stout.

“Between 11:30 and noon is when our lunch rush hits,” Stout says. “People enjoy the food. One taco purchase has turned into two tacos has turned into, ‘Let me get 12 tomorrow morning.’”

Lunch Tacos are $2.19 each. When it comes to satisfying your midday hunger, however, Laredo Taco Company has more than just tacos. You can choose from delicious lunch plates of authentic Mexican favorites like beef enchiladas and beef fajitas with your choice of two sides. So whether you’re in the mood for charro beans or refried beans, Laredo has it all!

And the tortillas are some of the best we’ve ever tasted. They are made fresh every day and are larger than your run-of-the-mill flour tortilla. These perfectly complement the juicy fajitas, chorizo, chicken or other meat you choose to fill them with.

The restaurant launched a new item Wednesday, Feb. 3, that has already become a hot seller at the Port Arthur location, said Laredo Taco Co. Restaurant Manager Ernest Jackson.

“We just rolled the shrimp quesadilla out today, and so far the customers that have tried it have loved it,” Jackson said.

Laredo Taco Co. doesn’t skimp on the shrimp, either. They are big and succulent and don’t disappoint.

Jackson begins his day by serving a variety of breakfast tacos in the wee hours of the morning. If you are headed to work early, don’t go on an empty stomach. Breakfast taco combinations include everything from eggs, bacon, potatoes, chorizo, beans and cheese and everything in between and are served up exactly how you want it — wrapped in Laredo Taco Company’s famous handmade tortillas, made fresh daily.

Original Tacos are $1.19 each and Specialty Tacos like Machacado con Huevo, tacos with shredded dry beef and scrambled with eggs – literally translates to “shredded with eggs” – are $1.79 each.

While you might feel a little overwhelmed by all the menu choices at first, Jackson has you covered.

“We kind of give them suggestions and coach them through: Do you want beans; do you want cheese? We’re giving them those options,” he says.

After you make your selection, stop by the salsa bar and doctor it up. The salsa bar has everything you need for your meal — fresh vegetables like tomatoes, jalapeños, tomatillos, onions, cilantro, and don’t forget the pico de gallo, which is hand-chopped and prepared fresh. Spice up all of your favorites and be on your way.

But before you go, stop by The Wall and grab a $1 32-ounce drink. This beverage area is massive. On its website, Stripes boasts The Wall  contains “2.1 billion possible fountain combinations” and describes its Slush Monkey, as “a slushy, frozen cup of happiness.”

The Wall has some great Mexican-style drinks, too, like Horchata and Jamaica. You usually don’t find these at your local corner store.

The new Laredo Taco Co. is one of two locations coming to Port Arthur. A second location is expected to open up this spring at the corner of Ninth Avenue and Jimmy Johnson Boulevard.

After you visit Laredo Taco Company for the first time, you’ll be thinking, ¿Dónde has estadotoda mi vida? — Where have you been all my life?

— Chad Cooper contributed to this article.