Law enforcement union defends Judge Layne Walker

Law enforcement union defends Judge Layne Walker

In a joint statement released by CLEAT (Combined Law Enforcement Association of Texas) members in Southeast Texas including the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Association, the Port Arthur Police Officers Association the Beaumont Police Officers Association, the Nederland Police Officers Association and the Jefferson County Constables Association, the union certified support of District Judge Layne Walker, who was the target of a rally held in the Jefferson County Courthouse by Houston New Black Panther Party leader Quanell X aka Ralph Evans.

Evans accused Walker of being a racist, handing out exceptionally cruel and unjust sentences to African Americans. Walker has denied those claims. (Read more of Walker’s reply to allegations of bigotry in the Aug. 25 edition of The Examiner.)

“In light of recent accusations being made by Quanell X and a few other individuals in reference to racism in the Jefferson County judicial system and specifically District Judge Lane Walker’s sentences in criminal cases; CLEAT represented police departments, the sheriff’s department and constables offices in Jefferson County would like to make this statement in support for the entire Jefferson County judicial system and Judge Lane Walker,” the statement reads.

“As law enforcement officers who work the streets of our community, we see the violence and the victims affected by violent criminals every day. When an individual chooses to commit a violent crime, they must also know if caught there are consequences for their actions. When individuals choose to repeatedly commit violent crimes and victimize citizens or visitors of our county, they should know that the law enforcement and judicial system is ready to protect the people that we serve and protect in our community. It is unfortunate that because certain individuals have to face the consequences for their criminal acts that race has to be made an issue. When the real issue is protecting and serving the citizens of our county against violent crime.”