LCM CISD plans to resume elementary classes next week

LCM CISD plans to resume elementary classes next week

LCM CISD is planning to resume full day classes for elementary students starting Monday, Oct. 30, the district announced in a Facebook post Oct. 23.

Pre-K teachers will notify parents of the students’ half-day schedules later in the week. The district said that the locations for student classes have changed slightly to facilitate smaller class sizes and provide a better learning environment.

Little Cypress Elementary students in pre-k through second grade will stay at North Orange Baptist Church. LCE third grade will stay at Little Cypress Intermediate.

The district said that they appreciate the generosity of North Orange Baptist Church for "allowing us to continue using their facility while ours are being remediated."

Mauriceville Elementary students, which includes pre-kindergarden through fifth grade, will attend classes at Little Cypress Junior High. The junior high building is clean and safe, the district said, but has not had cosmetic repairs which they hope to complete this summer while students are not on campus. The lower sheetrock walls have heavy plastic sheets separating the rooms and covering all wiring and pipes. The classrooms have three cinderblock walls and the fourth wall is sheetrock, so most walls are not covered in plastic, the district said.

LCM CISD said they will continue with plans to install portable buildings on the Mauriceville campuses, to help secondary students return to a full day schedule. Getting the buildings through FEMA and preparing them will take a few months, officials estimated.

Elementary school hours will begin with the first bell at 7:15 a.m. and the tardy bell at 7:30 a.m. School will let out at 2:30 p.m.

Secondary students will still have half day classes.

Anyone with questions should call their child's campus. For Little Cypress Elementary, pre-k through second grade, please call (409) 883-5678 ext. 118, for third grade and Little Cypress Intermediate students, call (409) 886-4245, and for Mauriceville Elementary, call (409) 745-1615.