LCSO swears in honorary deputy

LCSO swears in honorary deputy

Dreams do come true as demonstrated so vividly on Tuesday, Sept. 24, at the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office firing range in when Sheriff Bobby Rader fulfilled the dream of 8-year-old Issac “Bubba” Ivey by swearing him in as an Honorary Special Response Team (SRT) member.

Bubba, who was diagnosed with cystic fibrosis when he was six weeks old, has dreamed of becoming a SWAT officer since he was old enough to talk. The youngster’s aspiration became reality as the entire LCSO Special Response Team looked on, along with about 100 other fellow law enforcement personnel.

After the swearing-in ceremony and day full of events, Honorary Deputy Ivey will continue to be an Honorary Reserve Deputy with the Liberty County Sheriff’s Office and may attend and represent the LCSO at various events as much as his health will permit.

Little Ivey and his childhood wish came to the attention of the LCSO Special Response Team about a week ago and it quickly brought forward a rapid response from the entire team. An SRT camo uniform was made which includes a matching helmet and bullet resistant vest and a certificate recognizing Bubba was presented which read, “In recognition of your strong will to keep fighting and refusal to quit, the LCSO extends this Honorable Membership on this 24th day of September 2019.”

According to now Honorary Deputy Ivey’s very proud, loving and attentive mother, the health struggle has not been an easy road for her brave son who has endured over a dozen surgeries since being diagnosed with CF, which includes open heart surgery at the tender age of 6. Bubba continues to deal with multiple health issues which compounds his CF condition and she describes his present condition as severe and complex.

In spite of these daunting health issues, his mother, Crystal, says she allows her son to live life to the fullest and refuses to keep him in a bubble. In addition, her most fervent wish is that the publicity about her son will bring understanding and knowledge of cystic fibrosis to the public forefront and with the continuing technological advances in the treatment field of the disease, it will help extend the life line to a much greater length than it is now.

The entire day’s events included Honorary Deputy Bubba Ivey riding in the SRT vehicle and giving the verbal commands to the team for advancement and operational tactics, viewing firearms proficiency and even breaching a door with explosives – all at the commands of Honorary Deputy Bubba Ivey. The day-long event was capped off with a cook-out which was enjoyed by all. One can only appreciate the courage and faith of both mother and son in the future health and improvement of young SRT Honorary Deputy Bubba Ivey.