Lexy Bertrand benefit raises funds for teen’s family, local scholarship

Lexy Bertrand benefit raises funds for teen’s family, local scholarship

The death of Vidor teen Alexis “Lexy” Bertrand dev­astated her family and friends, and left her family with sig­nificant medical and funeral expenses related to the inci­dent. So, at the request of Lexy’s uncle Richard Hall, the fundraising team known as the “Cowboy and Cowgirl Mafia” organized a benefit for the family that they hope collected enough money for the family’s expenses and to create a local scholarship in honor of Lexy.

Cowboy and Cowgirl Mafia leader Larry McClelland said his group, a nonprofit organi­zation run by volunteers, is always ready to assist families in need when they can. Accord­ing to McClelland, the Mafia has raised funds for groups including Child Abuse and Forensic Services in Jefferson County, the Sierra Phillips benefit, and the Joe Morales benefit last year.

“We do a lot in the commu­nity and believe in giving back to our community,” McClel­land said. “We have set up three scholarships already.”

McClelland and his team of volunteer associates put together Lexy’s fundraiser that took place March 9 at the Woods Pavilion in Vidor. In the morning, the event started with a car show featuring clas­sic and specially designed vehicles. Booths selling baked goods, T-shirts and more lined the sidewalk into the pavilion raising funds for the event. More than 30 briskets were donated and barbecued for plate lunches sold at the fund­raiser, and Pepsi donated all the beverages. Girl Scout Troop #3497 donated 40 boxes of girl scout cookies toward the fundraising endeavor.

Inside the pavilion, volun­teers and country music artists Brad Brinkley and David Joel of Bou Boyz Entertainment played with accompanist Mar­cus Breaux to a rapt audience. Brinkley currently has the No. 36 hit on the Texas country music charts, “Table for Two.” Also, Joel’s upcoming single “Let’s Roll” will soon to be released.

In addition to the live enter­tainment, attendees participat­ed in a live auction for mer­chandise including an electric guitar signed by Brinkley and Joel, a flat-screen television donated by Conn’s and a pleth­ora of other donated items from area residents. A Yeti cooler was given away during a raffle at the event.

Bertrand, 16, of Vidor was severely injured Friday, Feb. 7, when, according to police, Kelvin Lee Roy of Beaumont purposefully crashed his vehi­cle into a van driven by the teen’s mother in an attempt to kill himself and murder his former girlfriend. Bertrand later died at a local hospital as the result of her injuries.

Lexy’s uncle Richard Hall said he is thankful to the Mafia for organizing the fundraiser and appreciates how the “whole Golden Triangle” has shown support for the family.

“We are really grateful,” said Hall. “This whole benefit has been just great.”