Liberty Co. constable charged with perjury back on duty

Liberty Co. constable charged with perjury back on duty

The Liberty County constable accused of lying about his work with a fake Beaumont cop is now back on duty.

Liberty County Judge Hon. Jay Knight confirmed that a Travis County court’s injunction lifted Constable John Joslin’s suspension until the case can be brought to trial. Knight also explained that the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE), a state body that oversees commissioned peace officers, had originally suspended Joslin and his chief deputy Jim Cooper in May 2016.

The suspension was due to pending felony indictments.

Joslin has been back on the force for a couple of weeks, according to Patricia DeSpain, secretary for John Joslin at his office in Cleveland.

“Joslin was put back on before Cooper was,” DeSpain said.

Joslin was originally arrested Jan. 25, 2016, under charges of perjury during an investigation by the Jefferson County District Attorney’s office, Beaumont Police Department, and the Texas Rangers, as previously reported by the Examiner.

Joslin was charged with falsely stating that he had never asked Michael Gelagotis to work extra law enforcement jobs for him. Gelagotis was indicted on Oct. 21, 2015 with impersonating a public servant and illegal possession of body armor. He had previously been arrested for similar charges in 2008 and sentenced to a $1,000 court fine and 10 years of probation, in addition to five years of probation for evading a police officer.

Gelagotis was sentenced to 10 years in prison on May 2.