Life sentence for man who killed Beaumont mother of three

Life sentence for man who killed Beaumont mother of three

Davis Walters, charged with killing then-girlfriend Kiana Joubert at a Beaumont apartment complex in September 2018, was sentenced to life in prison for the crime on Oct. 29 in Judge Raquel West’s 252nd Jefferson County District Court. 

According to Beaumont Police Officer Haley Morrow, police responded to a disturbance at 3155 French Rd. just after midnight on Sept. 30, 2018, in reference to a stabbing the victim in the parking lot. As officers arrived, she said, they observed Walters attempting to leave in a vehicle. Walters was taken into custody at the scene. Victim, 23-year-old Kiana Joubert, was declared deceased at the scene. 

Joubert, a mother of three, knew her assailant as a short-lived romantic interest. Walters, then 36, hadn’t been free from prison too long for a stint he served for violating the terms of his release related to a sexual assault of a child case dating back to 2001. Sex offender information kept by the Texas Department of Public Safety reports that Walters assaulted a 15-year-old girl.

Walters could have served zero time behind bars for the child sex assault – had he followed court instructions. Due to probation violations, Walters was sent to prison for a 7-year term in 2005, and after he was released from that incarceration, was re- turned to prison again in 2013 for more infractions.

Police reported no history of family violence between Walters and Joubert prior to the murder, but friends of Joubert’s stated that she had previously complained of Walters’ violent tendencies.

Prosecution has offered Walters a plea deal for 50 years’ imprisonment for the 2018 murder, but he refused and took sentencing from a jury of his peers.