Local trail closures

Flooded Village Creek

Acting Big Thicket National Preserve Superintendent Edward Comeau announced on Tuesday, May 26, that due to significant storm activity and record-setting rains in the region, many of the hiking trails and paddling trails throughout the preserve are completely inaccessible and will be closed for approximately a week to ten days. “Fallen trees, swollen waterways overflowing their banks and significant standing water throughout the preserve has prevented park staff from safely accessing many of our trails,” Comeau reported. “Of the ten official trails in the preserve, currently only the inner loop of the Sundew Trail, the elevated boardwalk section of the Pitcher Plant Trail, and the Big Sandy Trail are open and safe for visitors to explore.”

Visitors are reminded that floodwaters and saturated soil can create many unsafe conditions. Riverbanks can easily collapse and footbridges can be weakened due to the waterlogged conditions.

In the coming days and weeks, park staff will begin work to remove fallen trees, repair footbridges, and restore the preserve trail network, according to information from the preserve. Look for updates on trail conditions at www.nps.gov/bith and www.facebook.com/BigThicketNPS.