Local vein center raided by FBI

Vein Centers of Texas


The Examiner has confirmed a local vein center is the target of a federal investigation after FBI and other federal agents raided its offices. 

Federal agents entered The Vein Centers of Texas in Beaumont and offices in Corpus Christi on Tuesday, July 16, taking documents and computer hard drives. 

Little is known about why federal agents are investigating Vein Centers of Texas, as officials with Health and Human Services, the U.S. Department of Justice and the Texas Attorney General would not comment. 

But a visit to Beaumont’s offices at 7 Bayou Brandt Drive near where Old Dowlen Road snakes behind the post office and Hobby Lobby revealed the government may be seeking to prove a case of Medicare fraud. 

“Generally we are one of the busiest vein clinics in the nation,” said an employee at the vein center who declined to be identified. “Basically every patient in here has the same problem, the same disease. There’s not a whole lot of companies like us... but whenever you bill the same billing codes ... it kicks up a flag. And we’ve known they’ve been looking at us for years, basically since 2009.” 

The employee said the facility treats men and women who suffer from improper circulation in their legs and other appendages which causes skin damage. 

The main procedure performed at the center is “radio frequency abrasion” to treat varicose veins. The procedure is a common one used to relieve pain, inflammation and open wounds that can occur when veins don’t properly distribute blood. 

The employee said administration at the center isn’t worried about the FBI’s investigation. 

“It’s nothing we’re concerned with. Everything we do is legit,” he said. “Obviously we’re still open. I don’t know how long the investigation will take, but like I said, we’re not really concerned about it.”