Look for wet weather through Thursday

rain clouds

Southeast Texas is in for some wet and thunderous weather, at least until Thursday, Jan 10.

According to the National Weather Service (NWS), Beaumont received at least an inch of rain since it started Tuesday morning, Jan. 8. 

“Further North, like Jasper and Newton, they got about 2 inches from this deal,” said NWS Meteorologist, Donovan Landreneau. 

The forecaster said the creeping nature of the storm system means hovering rain clouds will likely dump up to seven inches of rain from now until Thursday. 

“We could get about 5 to 6 inches of rain with isolated higher amounts (by Thursday)” Landreneau said. “Just because of the repetitive nature of the showers and thunderstorms moving over the area, and it is a very, very slow moving system. What we saw this morning (Tuesday) was just the first wave.” 

Landreneau went on to say there could be damaging winds and the slight possibility of a twister with the slow-moving system. 

“There’s just a slight risk,” he said. “There’s always that possibility when we have onshore flow like this. There might be some damaging winds and could be an isolated chance of a tornado.” 

Landreneau warned Southeast Texans should be more worried about flash floods, adding a flash flood watch is in effect for all of Southeast Texas until Wednesday night, Jan. 9. 

“If they’re in an area that’s flood prone, be on the look out because we’re already at fever capacity,” he said. “The ground is pretty much saturated everywhere.”

The chance of rain for Wednesday, Jan. 9, is 100 percent with a high of 76, falling to a 70 percent chance on Thursday, Jan. 10 with a high of 73. 

By Friday, Jan. 11, most rain should dissipate with a chance of 30 percent and a high of 76, according to NWS.