Loud music, shouted expletives lead to two arrests in Orange

Johnny Morris (left) and Roderick Collins

A patrol officer in Orange called for backup Sunday evening after his attempt to cite a local resident for loud music got complicated, resulting in two arrests.

According to a report from OPD Officer Michael Roush, as he was patrolling April 26 at about 7:05 p.m. in the area of 2nd Street and Turret Avenue, he saw a Ford Expedition with the windows down and heard loud music blaring from the vehicle.

"The music was loud enough to be heard over fifty feet away," Roush reported.

Roush stated that no one was in the vehicle, but when he opened the door to the Expedition and turned off the ignition, he was approached by a man who identified himself as Johnny Jacolby Morris, 30, of Orange. Morris reportedly told the officer the vehicle was his. Roush reported he explained to Morris that the loud music was a city ordinance violation and leaving his car with his ignition on was a traffic violation. He then requested Morris' identification.

According to Roush, Morris became "uncooperative," thereby "causing a crowd of people to circle the area." Roush reported that he had to ask Morris for identification several times before Morris said his passport was inside the Expedition. As Morris retrieved his ID, Roush called for backup.

Morris emerged from the Expedition with his passport in hand, Roush reported, but allegedly would not turn over the identification to the officer so a citation could be written. Since he would not cooperate, Roush stated in his report, Morris was advised he was being placed under arrest for the ordinance violation regarding the loud music. Morris allegedly pulled away from Roush as the officer attempted to place him in handcuffs, so Roush pulled out his Taser X-26. He again ordered Morris to put his hands behind his back and to get on his knees. Morris got onto the ground, but, Roush reported, the officer had to command Morris to place his hands behind his back several times before he would. Finally, Roush got Morris into handcuffs and into the back of his patrol car.

After securing Morris, Roush and other officers who arrived after his call for backup were collecting information from the vehicle. That's when another subject, known on-sight to the Roush, 29-year-old Roderick Tyrone Collins of Orange, began yelling "f*** the police," repeating it several times, according to Roush.

Roush reported that as Collins yelled, the crowd seemed to "get louder and more disruptive."

"In my opinion, Collins' statements were creating an immediate breach of the peace," Roush wrote. "I believed that if Collins was allowed to continue this behavior that it could have possibly escalated an already heated situation into a riot."

Roush placed Collins into custody for disorderly conduct. Roush reported that Collins became "uncooperative and passive aggressive," making his body limp as officers placed him into the back of a patrol vehicle. Collins then allegedly began kicking the inside of the patrol car's doors and hitting his head on the plastic seat cover. Collins was then placed into leg shackles.

Both men were taken to the Orange County Jail. The Expedition was towed.