Love’s Travel Stop opening in Beaumont this summer

Love’s Travel Stop logo

Love’s Travel Stop will be bringing its brand of “highway hospitality” to four-wheel motorists and professional drivers alike with a new location near the Goodyear Plant just outside of Beaumont.

The 13,000-square-foot travel stop will be located on the westbound side of I-10 at Smith Road exit and is projected to open in late summer, according to Ryan Welton, external communications manager for Love’s Travel Stops and Country Stores. Construction began in October 2016.

The site is approximately 15-16 acres for the travel stop and truck tire care center, Welton said. The cost of the project is between $9-11 million.

Features will include 115 truck-parking spaces (for semi trucks), seven showers, 18 fuel pumps, 10 diesel fuel pumps, and a truck tire care facility for professional truck drivers.

“This is our big Travel Stop plan. As I look at our Travel Stops that we have planned for 2017, this layout is one of the biggest,” Welton said.

Although Love’s originated in the Midwest, where it probably has the most locations, the chain currently has 60 locations in Texas and 417 across the United States.

“We will have our first location in Montana this year, entering our 41st state,” Welton said. “We continue to grow.

“Our employees are what make Love’s grow and succeed,” he continued, explaining why the company is currently flourishing. “We have great people who care and make sure to get our customers back on the road quickly. We have safe, clean and well-maintained locations across the country and provide folks with good value and competitive prices. … These are commitments we live up to both to our employees and our customers. I think that is what provides us with our success.”

According to Forbes, Love’s is No. 22 on a 2016 list of 223 of America’s Largest Private Companies with around 15,000 employees and reported revenues of $14.24 billion.

Why Beaumont?

“We saw an opportunity along Interstate 10 to serve professional drivers and travelers who didn’t have access to a lot of services in that specific area,” Welton said. “Plus you have the plant. … There was an opportunity to serve people, not just with the fuel and a place to stop, but with places to eat.”

Love’s Travel Stop at Smith Road and I-10 will have an Arby’s, a Chester’s Chicken and a Godfather’s Pizza.

“We have dozens of Godfather’s Pizza locations across the country … and we thought it would be a hit down there, too,” Welton said.

Love’s works with 21 restaurants, but brands chosen for a particular location vary according to the area the travel stop is built.

“We look and see what’s missing and see what people would be hungry for,” he said.

Love’s is also known for its beef jerky, according to Welton.

“It’s a family company that we partner with called Robertson’s,” he said. “We have a lot of people that are extraordinarily loyal to Love’s jerky.”

Love’s also sells electronics, clothes, toys, collectibles and many other items.

“We have an eclectic mix of products in the stores,” Welton said. “We make it a point to have things at that location to serve the traveler and the professional driver, who lives on the road.”

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