Lumberton Elementary bomb threat thought to be a diversion

Lumberton Elementary bomb threat thought to be a diversion

On Thursday, Jan. 10, Lumberton Independent School District received a bomb threat made to the elementary school. Law enforcement believed the incident may have been related to suspects on the run in south end of the district that were responsible for burglarizing the AT&T store on Dowlen Road in Beaumont. The vehicle carrying the suspects lost control and went into the median in south Lumberton in the early hours of Jan. 10, which resulted in the suspects fleeing into a nearby wooded area.

As a precaution, students and staff were moved to Lumberton Middle School while police inspected the elementary school. Students were moved back to the elementary around 1 p.m.

The school district later released a statement thanking LISD employees and first responders for their rresponse to the unfounded threat.

"For the protection of our students and staff, a coordinated transition of our students from the primary school to the middle school was flawless ... Our job is to ensure your hcild is safe and I feeel our efforts proved this today. We hope we never have to do this again; however, we are here to  protect your child and continue to ensure we have the best procedures in place for this," reads the statement from LISD Superintendent Dr. Gerald Chandler.