Man accused of trying to burn down mother’s home

Man accused of trying to burn down mother’s home

Following an argument and rebuffed attempts to gain entry to his mother’s home, Port Arthur police allege, 26-year-old Allen Lowe made good on threats to “burn his mother’s home.”

According to a police report filed on the incident, on April 19, Lowe and his mother got into a verbal altercation prior to him trying to gain entry to her home. Lowe’s mother was able to stop his efforts to enter the home via a back window, and he allegedly became enraged.

“A neighbor saw Mr. Lowe throw something at the garage,” the police report states. “Then she saw the garage catch on fire.”

Wednesday, May 10, the Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office secured an indictment against Lowe for arson, a second-degree felony. Lowe has been previously convicted on felonies including tampering with physical evidence and possession of a controlled substance.