Man admitting to being high on PCP arrested in Orange

Xavier Dewayne Epps

Orange police have arrested a 19-year-old Orange resident for public intoxication after he was reported throwing rocks at passing cars and admitted to being high on PCP.

According to a report from OPD, Officer Corey Foreman responded to a call at about 1:13 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 10, regarding a man throwing rocks at vehicles who was possibly intoxicated near 14th Street and Inwood Drive. Upon arrival, Foreman reported he saw Xavier Dewayne Epps lying in the grass near the roadway in the 2000 block of 14th Street.

"As I was pulling into the scene, I observed Epps jump up and begin to attack a black female in the grass area where he was originally lying," Foreman's report read. "As I exited my patrol vehicle, I ordered Epps to stop. I could hear Epps screaming, 'Help me, Momma' repeatedly."

Foreman reported Epps would not get off the woman in spite of direct orders from the officer. Foreman discharged his X26 Taser, striking Epps in the back. During the five-second cycle, Epps rolled off of the woman and onto his back, where he was ordered to remain, according to Foreman. Epps attempted to get up and was ordered to stay on the ground. He refused to comply, Foreman reported, and the officer deployed his Taser a second time. After a moment of cooperation, Epps tried again to get up from the ground. He was once again ordered to remain still, and after refusing yet again, Foreman reportedly Tased Epps for a third time. Epps was placed into handcuffs and leg restraints at that time.

Acadian Ambulance arrived and treated the suspect, and Foreman removed the Taser barbs from Epps' back. Epps "was speaking as though he was out of his mind," Foreman reported, and admitted he had been smoking PCP, or phencyclidine. According to one witness, Epps threw unknown objects at his Hyundai and beat his vehicle's windshield with his bare fists causing approximately $1000 in damages. The female who Epps attacked declined to press charges. Epps was arrested for public intoxication and criminal mischief and transported to the Orange County Jail after being cleared by ambulance staff.