Man arrested for PI in Orange after kicking in ex's door

Man arrested for PI in Orange after kicking in ex's door

Police arrested 39-year-old Henry James Walker of Orange for public intoxication after he kicked in his ex-girlfriend’s door in the 400 block of Decatur St. in Orange, according to reports from the Orange Police Department (OPD).

At approximately 9:46 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 27, OPD dispatched Officer James Roy to the residence on Decatur. According to the reports, the female complainant said Walker, her ex-boyfriend, kicked in the back door of her residence, then fled the area.

At approximately 11:33 the same night, Officer Roy was again dispatched the Decatur St. residence. Officer Roy reported he saw Walker, who he was looking for from the previous incident, walking on N. 3rd St. near N. Farragut Ave. According to Roy, Walker had glassy, bloodshot eyes and was swaying as he stood. Roy further reported Walker’s speech as slurred and the smell of alcohol was emitting from Walker’s breath and person. Roy stated Walker admitted he had been drinking and was drunk.

Officer Roy arrested Walker for Public Intoxication, a Class C Misdemeanor. Roy reported he contacted the complainant who said Walker had been back but no new damage was caused. Roy transported Walker to the Orange County Jail.