Man arrested for possession in Orange

Man arrested for possession in Orange

One man was arrested after police reported he was found with crack cocaine Monday night in Orange. According to the report, the man tried to tell police the rock-like substance was sheetrock.

At approximately 8:36 p.m. on March 18, Officer Jeffrey Busby was patrolling the 500 block of North St. in Orange and observed a bicyclist riding on the roadway in the 400 block of North St. without using a mandatory headlight, according to the police report. Busby stopped the man and reportedly saw that the man was breathing heavily and shaking. When the officer told the man why he was stopped, the man showed him a small flashlight he was carrying. Busby reported the flashlight was not on at the time of the stop.

Upon the officer's request, the man identified himself as 54-year-old Dale Scarber of Orange. Busby reported that when asked if he had any weapons or illegal narcotics, Scarber produced a knife and told the officer that was all he had on his person. When Busby patted him down, he found a small rock-like substance in his front left pocket, the report stated. Busby reported that when he asked the man what the item was, Scarber replied that he believed the substance was sheetrock, which the officer indicated is a common attempt at misdirection used by crack users who are trying to disguise the narcotic. As Scarber handed the off-white rock-like substance to the officer, Busby reported the man crushed the substance between his fingers. Busby collected the powdered remains and tested the substance, finding it was positive for cocaine.

Scarber was arrested for possession of a controlled substance and taken to the Orange County Jail.