Man arrested for public intoxication in Orange

Man arrested for public intoxication in Orange

One man was arrested in Orange on Sunday after a report that he was jumping in front of cars and disrupting traffic as he walked alongside North Highway 87.

According to police, Officer Corey Foreman of the Orange Police Department was dispatched at approximately 9:33 p.m. regarding a man in a plaid jacket walking into the roadway. Foreman reported he saw a man matching the description given to dispatch in the 10400 block of the highway and made contact with the subject. The man identified himself to Foreman as Karl Lilyquist, 61, of Orange. The officer then asked Lilyquist if he had been walking out into traffic, and the man reportedly replied, “Yes, to prove a point.”

Foreman stated that the man seemed to be off balance and jittery, so the officer asked Lilyquist if he had been drinking or using drugs. Foreman reported that at that point Lilyquist admitted he consumed "some wine coolers" earlier in the day. Officer Foreman felt the man was intoxicated causing a danger to himself and others. Lilyquist was arrested for public intoxication and transported to Orange County Jail.



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