Man arrested for selling drugs while on parole

James Merritt, Jr. | Photo: Galveston County Sheriff's Office

On Dec. 20, the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office (GCSO) Warrant Division and Gulf Coast Violent Offenders Task Force members assisted the Special Crimes Unit in the arrest of James Merritt, Jr., Sheriff Henry Trochesset said in a release.

While the GCSO Special Crimes Unit was conducting their investigation of Merritt for the illegal sale of drugs, it was discovered that he also had a parole warrant.

Merritt was apprehended at a nearby motel where he was accompanied by two individuals who were also arrested due to outstanding warrants.

James Merritt Jr. was found to be in possession of over $3,000 in cash, along with Xanax pills found in his pocket.

Once Merritt’s vehicle was brought to the sheriff’s office, a K9 officer alerted police that there was probably cause to obtain a search warrant.

Detectives recovered a half pound of Xanax, over two ounces of methamphetamine and half an ounce of cocaine.

James Merritt Jr. is being held in the Galveston County Jail with on two counts of manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance between 4 and 200 grams with a bond of $250,000, one count of manufacturing and delivering a controlled substance between 200 and 400 grams with a bond of $250,000 and a parole warrant with no bond specified.

Trochesset thanked the Galveston Police Department and the La Marque Police Department narcotics detectives for their assistance with this investigation.

- Galveston County Sheriff's Office